So i dont know if any of you know i have 6 cats.. as well as Buffy and Ace..
the 3 Younger Orange ones will be moving out with me when i leave home..
Well now it is 2
Ace's Buddy Alexial Passed I think Thursday night...
Thursday was the usual I had my finals came home hung out with my parents and the like then At Night when dadsready to go to bed the cats get locked up upstairs for the night then released first thing in the morning.. they tend to knock stuff down at night so we put them 'to bed' upstairs..
Well I feed  them when i put them up and Alexial was no where to be found. So i didnt think anything of it because sometimes that 'attention whore' plays koi and likes to hide and have me find her.. well. i said good night to them all and called up the stairs and said "Night Night Alexial' thinking she was hiding.. 
Friday night came.. i put them to bed.. and she is NOT one to play that game two nights in a row.. so i paniced since Feht One my boy cat had falled into this closet in the garage once so we boarded that up but i thought she got stuck.. well Saturday came and Dad got in on the look.. and .. found her.. Passed away under my old bed in the spare room upstairs... i didnt see her when i was looking because she had curled behind a stuffed animal that had fallen under the bed.. so..  We pulled her out and i lost it.. Se
The story Behind Alexial, Feht One, and Sunshine.. the three young Orange cats date bacck to April of 2005 when they were born.. My friend Had just found out her cat Lexy had ran away from her temp home.. out on tthis Island where her friend was holding on to her.. so since Lexy was a birthday present from our Friend D I decided to be kind to my friend Michele and get her a new Kitten for her birthdya.. not to replace her but to make her feel better so my friend Jenny said her grammas cat had had kittens so we went to see them.. Wellt here was a little boy and 2 girls.. well I decided i wanted a boy cat so i got Ryuichi (Since no one can say that we call him Fatty and or Feht One) and She got Alexial.. mom didnt like how they looked so we took the two to Buffy's groomer and the lady said if any were left they would be dead by morning.. they were flea infested worm infested and a few other things.. well.. Michele and i raised the kittens until about August when she lost her place of living again and ended up having to move to Idaho.. so I tok the kittens home with me and would call her from time to time about 'her cat' 
Well shortly after the Orange Cats' 3rd Birthday Michele Passed away.. So Alexial became ever more dear to me since she was now my Cat forever.. 3 years later and a weekend before Christmas.. Alexial is now with her real Mommy up in Heaven.. 
Ace is unsure what to do with himself his play buddy is missing.. So I am sitting out at a friends house right now because of 'distraction' being needed by both me and Ace.. .. he is ever more clingy then he was though..

Ill miss you Alexial.. Your brother and sister and Ace as well as everyone misses you and your demand for attention my lil princess.. you are with your mommy Michele now

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Comment by Ace and Jen on December 20, 2011 at 2:33pm

Thank you all.. I miss her greatly and am thankful im not home right now because i know i would be a bundle of tears because i would be seeing her favorite spots.. 

Im glad I have her two siblings though  

Comment by Jennifer Markley on December 19, 2011 at 6:39pm

I'm's so hard to lose a pet, especially suddenly.  Just remember you gave him (her?) a good life, and its a blessing that you took them in, because it sounds like they would have died earlier if you weren't there.  Bless you for doing that.  You gave them a good life that they wouldn't have had otherwise.  

Comment by Alison Prasavath on December 19, 2011 at 6:08pm

I'm sorry for your loss and Ace's loss as well.

Comment by Sandy Stickney on December 19, 2011 at 5:25pm

Hey Jen, I am so sorry for your loss.

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