We took ruger for his second vet visit so he could have an exam and his shots the vet says he looks awesome and said they ran all the tests from the first vet visit and he looked great he said we did a great job at picking a breeder cause we had his shot records from the breeder and he looks very healthy and good so im happy to here that he is so healthy and is doing very good and nothing came up on this second vet visit they did the exam and he got his shots and he did give him the tick shot that some people have a problem with which i talked to him about and he said that people who live in places were ticks are not a problem he can see them not wanting to do it but he said michigan is full of them and so is wa state (were are other house is) and that if we live in the country or hike (which we do all the time) or are in he woods alot he highly suggest getting it so we did But any ways ruger is very healthy and getting big on his first vet visit he weighed  8.6 pounds and on his second visit he weighed 12 pounds but he well always be are baby no matter how big he gets

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