Costco has new Dog Toys (wooHOOO!). Bought Cassie and Ruby a lifetime supply of three stuffed, dog-proof (har har!) "Dragons." Very cute, these objects.

As we scribble, the two Mistresses of the Universe are having it out over the Blue Dragon. They're profoundly engaged in a tug-o'-war. Ruby has one end of the B.D. and Cassie the other. Ruby drags toward the far end of the hall, going wrrrlla wrrll wrrlllll!  Cassie drags toward the end of the hall, going wrla wrrlla wrlll!   

One dogs wrests the B.D. away. T'other dog grabs it and hauls it and  the competing dog up the hallway. 

Cassie, believing she has won (she does, after all, have a good five pounds on the still-puppyish Ruby), lies down on the floor with her four feet sticking out in four directions. She clings to B.D.

Ruby, also clinging to B.D., fiercely backs up, dragging Cassie up the hall across the tiles. Cassie slides about halfway up the 30-foot-long hall before Ruby gives up.

Wrrrla wooorla wrrrr wrrllllll wrrrr!

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Comment by Alison Prasavath on November 22, 2014 at 11:57am
We bought these for Noodles. We were supposed to save them for Christmas, but they are too cute. We gave him the green one and will save the others for Christmas. He loves it! He enjoys seeing how fast he can squeak it, throws it up in the air and catches it in his mouth and of course it holds up to tug of war. A wonderful buy!
Comment by Judith Andre on November 22, 2014 at 2:22am

It sure brightens the day watching pups have that much fun.  Fun to read about it too.

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