I can't believe it! When it snowed the first time, I was happy with the little half inch that we got. This time we got about 6 inches!! It was so great! I haven't seen snow like that since I was little, and even that was only once. Yumi was the first to go out and explore since she had to use the bathroom. She bolted out the door as always only to stop short at the grass, amazed at the winter wonderland spread before her! She looked at me for approval then dashed out into the snow, bouncing through it and kicking it into the air, snapping at the snow as it fell back to the ground. She absolutely LOVES to catch snowballs, I actually got a pic of her in mid-catch (see my photos ^^)! It was very fun watching her play and playing with her in the snow, and I loved watching her and my son explore even more! They set off together in exploration of the yard, stopping and checking out everything to see how the snow sat upon it. They even had a snowball fight, Ian throwing snowballs at her and Yumi running up and sliding to a stop in front of him, making snow fly up onto his jacket. Awesome snow day, awesome playtime, I hope we get a few more of these this year!!!

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