We got our little Yumi back in August. She was extremely shy and wasn't too sure about us or her new home. Now, 5 months later, you wouldn't know that she was the same dog! Yumi is so bouncy it is unreal, lol. Whether it's time to eat, time to potty, or I just get up to go to the next room she is right there bouncing and spinning and just being a happy pup! She's still a bit shy around people she doesn't know, but a tummy scratch fixes that and she's instantly your best friend. She is a MAJOR momma's girl, lol. She always has to be right there beside me, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing. If she's shut out of a room I'm in she will sit outside the door and whine and cry until she is let in. She also only really listens to me. She'll do pretty much anything I ask her to, from "sit" to "stay" to "go get your toy!" My husband gets annoyed with her sometimes because he can ask her if she needs to go outside or tell her to sit and she'll just look at him funny. It's hilarious! She is also one of the best babysitters ever. I don't leave my 3 year old alone at home with her of course, but when I'm busy in the kitchen or otherwise she trots along behind him all throughout the house, playing with him and "herding" him. She doesn't like being too far out of my sight so she'll block his path and sometimes tug on his shirt, pants, or pull-up and keep him close by (imagine having to explain that to your freaked out mother-in-law who swears that Yumi just tried to bite him). Christmas was very fun, she had presents under the tree right along with the rest of us and had no problem opening them on her own once I showed her it was ok. She got new toys, a jacket (I don't do doggy clothes, but Ian put a shirt on her when I wasn't looking once and she loved it! So...), and a new harness and leash. She stood proudly over her presents as I took her picture, so cute! We got a surprise present on Christmas, however. My niece came in asking for help, saying there was a kitten stuck in the pine tree of the empty house across the street. We went outside and the poor little guy was stuck way up high, we figure a dog chased him up there. We managed to get him down and I volunteered to care for him until we could find his owners or a new owner for him. I was a bit worried though about how he would react to Yumi. Yumi LOVES cats, she won't bite them, she just wants to lick them, lol, but she runs up to them quickly and in doing so freaks them out to where they won't give her a chance. So when I brought the kitten in I made her wait until he was calmed down. He slept for a few hours then finally decided to get up and explore a bit. I picked him up and made Yumi sit down until I was sitting with him and then let her slowly approach. I didn't restrain him in case he decided to run from her so he could get away easily and I could catch her. But to my surprise he just gets up, walks straight up to her and rubs his cheek on her shoulder, much to her complete delight. She immediately assaults him with licks, lol, which he calmly stood there and accepted. I suppose his previous owner had a dog, so it was no big deal to him. I asked around the neighborhood and put ads up online about him to try and find his owner, but never found them. My husband asked what we were going to do with him as we were walking into the room one night. We look on the bed to find our son, Yumi, and the kitten in a dog pile on the bed, fast asleep. I looked at him and grinned, he just shook his head and laughed. We have since named him Shoji and he is very much Yumi's pet more than ours, lol. She grooms him and plays with him and shares her toys. He curls up to her, kneads his paws on her, and occasionally when half asleep he will try and suckle on her like she's his mom, lol. I've been very proud of how well she acts around him. Even with her new pet, though, she still puts me before anything else. If I move, she moves. She's like a second shadow, lol. She is just so amazingly fun to have around, she keeps us laughing during the day and warm during the night when she insists on curling up with us. I fell in love with my first corgi at age 7 when my mom worked as a vet assistant. Her boss had a red and white corgi named Red that I got to play with a lot and I have wanted my own corgi ever since. Now, after 17 years, I finally got my wish and I must say, she was well worth the wait!

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Comment by Summer's Mom on January 25, 2010 at 7:24pm
It's fun to be so adored isn't it? Summer will often sit outside of doors that I shut her out of - something she doesn't do with the other members of the family. It is nice to be the pack leader.

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