Just a quick post while puppy & hubby are napping. We brought Stewie home yesterday! He was the smallest boy of the litter and the sweetest little guy! Before we made our final decision we played with three Red & White boys and a tri female. One of the boys was nipping non-stop, the other boy was barking ALOT and the girl was just going going going going, total wild child. So that left the baby. He was very aware of everything going on, he played with his littermates and frapped around a little. When we held him, he was very intense and staring into our eyes and poking our faces with his nose. We just knew he was the one!

He has been such a good boy, we are so happy with him. He slept in his crate and woke us up a couple times to go potty. He only cried for about 30 seconds each time we put him in there, and then went right to sleep.

The breeder taped his ears up, but they were bothering him so much and hes gone through so much trauma that we figured we would take the tape off and put it back on next week when he is a little more used to his surroundings.

His baby teeth are coming in (mostly the back molars) and he cries about that, so we got him some Nylabone and that seems to be helping.

Only a couple accidents in the house, but both times on the same spot and both yesterday. My only issue is trying to distinguish between what is a "have to potty cry" and a "anything else" cry. He's probably getting tired of me ushering him outside every time he makes a peep.

Hope to have pics up soon cause we have taken at least 75 already!


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Comment by Kelli & Penny on June 1, 2009 at 2:12pm
YAY pictures, pictures, pictures!!!
Also, Penny's ears were taped too and we took them off after 3 days. If he has floppy ears I honestly wouldn't be too worried about it. Penny's ear didn't fully stand until 13 weeks but it's been up ever since. The vet actually told me that you shouldn't worry about taping until 4-6 months because the calcium travels from their ears to their teeth back to their ears then their teeth when they are young like that.
Do you guys have a vet yet? We go to a great place in Glendale that we love. Not only are the vets great but they're also relatively inexpensive. We had a vet in Woodland Hills that just the office visit alone was 50, this guy is 25 for office visits. In fact just today I took Penny there for her rabies vaccine, it was 35 total. She's at work with me now, passed out on the floor :)

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