Oy! Its been a bit hectic, just getting around to posting this now...

On Saturday, Dustin & I went to see a litter from Cindy Pera - Summithill Corgis in Acton, CA. I posted pics over the weekend, feel free to check them out.

There were 8 puppies in the litter, 5 male, 3 female. We know we want a little boy, so she didnt even bring the girls out. They were 4 weeks old last Sunday. Dad is a black-headed tri, Mom is a R&W. Two of the boys in the litter are tris (I think one will be red and one black, just from looking at their ears), the rest R&W.

We couldnt tell very much about their personalities as they all pretty much passed out after about 10 mins, so we just watched them sleep. Luckily, Acton is only about 35 miles from us, so we are going to go visit again at 7 weeks. We put our deposit down and we were only the second deposit. The first deposit also wants a boy, but they are an older couple and would prefer a calmer, more subdued puppy. We don't mind a little challenge! There was one absolutley stunning boy, but I think the breeder plans to keep him. So at worst, we would get the 3rd pick out of the 5 boys, so not too bad.

So on top of all that, our escrow close has been changed THREE times. We were supposed to close yesterday, but the docs didn't get to escrow until late on Friday, and we were like last in line to sign, so they werent prepped and ready till Monday, so that pushed close to Thursday. Then today I found out that Escrow sent incorrect documents to the lender (they put info in the wrong spaces... how the heck do you do that?), and then had to resubmit two more times, so we missed the deadline and now we close on Friday. Then move in on Saturday!

Ugh, enough of my rambling. Back to packing!

Oh, and if my calculations are correct, Stewie (Dustin picked out that name like 6 years ago) can come home May 30th!

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Comment by Kelli & Penny on April 23, 2009 at 1:51pm
That's great... I know it's scary not knowing who you're getting but it really does work it's way out. Cindy might not even choose the puppy you're interested in because his testicles might not drop...it's a pretty common show fault in male corgis.
Good luck closing on your house, and good luck moving in this weekend! :)
We'll have to get our kids together at some point... they are related after all :) (Salsa is my puppies uncle)
Comment by Geri & Sidney on April 23, 2009 at 1:06am
Congrats, guys! That is awesome.

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