Surprise, Surprise! We think we have Chibradors....

So....... My mom has a black lab named Isabell and she is kind of small; only about 45 pounds. And she also has a long haired chihuahua named Lupe (Loo-PAY). Well, when Isabell was in heat, Lupe got her while she was under the bed. My mom has always been great about keeping them apart but Lupe gets crazy and slipped through my mom's legs as she was walking into her bedroom where Isabell was lying helplessly under the bed. Those of you who know about breeding know about them getting stuck and that is what happened when Lupe got ahold of her. He is only 15 pounds. So, my mom was worried about it and Isabell didn't seem to be getting any bigger, no nipple enlargement, just snarky behavior. Well, today she went into labor. She still hasn't had any pups but she is swollen and her nipples are ready for puppies. My mom already has a zoo coming in with now 4 dogs in the house due to her newest edition, Falco, her new black German Shepherd puppy. Also, 3 cats in the house and 2 dogs outside. Oh, goodness. We once had our two female shepherds get pregnant by our male a week apart. We had a grand total of 17 puppies and 4 adult dogs. Oh, geesh! I have been waiting patiently to get the call so I can go be there. I would be stationed there but I am puppy sitting and I don't want to leave him locked up any longer than he has to be. Well all, wish us luck! Iz will be a good mommy. She's always mothered all the animals even the black kitten my mom had that Iz thought was her puppy.

Oh and to anyone who knows, can anyone tell me some sre signs of labor and when to worry? My mom is a nervous wreck becaquse Isabell hasn't moved and her water hasn't broke yet.



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