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Surprise, Surprise! We think we have Chibradors....

So....... My mom has a black lab named Isabell and she is kind of small; only about 45 pounds. And she also has a long haired chihuahua named Lupe (Loo-PAY). Well, when Isabell was in heat, Lupe got her while she was under the bed. My mom has always been great about keeping them apart but Lupe gets crazy and slipped through my mom's legs as she was walking into her bedroom where Isabell was lying helplessly under the bed. Those of you who know about breeding know about them getting stuck and…


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Puppy sitting and the frustration....

So, I really need to vent and I'm sure I need to just have a good cry and get it over with. I have more patience with animals than I do with anything else in the world. I went to puppy sit my mom's new German shepherd puppy yesterday and he was a TERROR! It was kind of disappointing because I was looking forward to it and it turned out to be a bad day. Copper and Pooh were seriously the best puppies EVER! My mom's new puppy would not stop peeing and pooping in the house. I would take him… Continue

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When all else fails....

break out the laser. lol I have been sick and feeling bad for Copper because he has been bored. I take him over to my dad's and let him play over there for a bit while I rest but he's used to us always going. So, I made him a toy out of a 1L bottle. cut some holes in it and put some treats in it. He LOVES it. I also found that him chasing the laser means that I don't have to get out of bed while I'm not feeling good and he's not bored and he gets exercise. Oh the technology we have today lol… Continue

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Growing relationship but still a mama's boy.

I'm so happy, I could just burst! I went to Florida last Thursday and was very nervous because me and Copper have never spent a day away from each other. He is only six months and I do leave him at home by himself sometimes but I've never stayed the night away from him. My boyfriend, Scott, loves Cop but has never had a dog that he had to take care of by himself so I was worried. I left a LONG list of things Scott needed to… Continue

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Hopefully saved a life

So, yesterday me and my boyfriend were going to do laundry. The laundry mat right up the road from us was packed so we decided that we would go to the one in the next town over and try that one. As we were driving through town, (which is very small) there was a little Jack Russell running through the road. I'm so proud of my boyfriend because I think I have been rubbing off on him. Before I could even say anything, he asked if we should pick it up. I pulled into the gas station where she ran… Continue

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thought this was cute!

a hound and an orangutan

Copper liked it. Watched the whole video with me. He keeps looking around my lap top to try to find the people and the hound lol. Cop is weirdly lovey dovey today! I like it. lol

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It's a blizzard out there!!!!!

I live in northeastern Ohio and I'm sure everyone knows this as the snow belt. Well, I got news! I'm moving! lol I don't know where to yet but I'm sick of this. It is literally a blizzard outside right now and Copper thinks it is the most opportune time to go out and bite, eat and play with the snow. I tried to explain that he is not a baby polar bear, I am not a mama polar bear or an eskimo!

I also wanted to share this funny story to see if anyone else has corgi play like…

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Proud mama and also a tip for book & dog lovers alike!

It's a whopping 35 degrees here in my town on Ohio today. It's so sunny though and I had to run up to the store. I asked Cop if he wanted to go and of course. Was I crazy thinking he would want to miss one small thing I did or him not getting a cookie from the guy at the store? No way; he was not missing out on this! The next door neighbors grandkids were out and Cop was a little nervous at first doing what I call the half bark. As soon as I said it's okay Cop, he was licking faces and taking… Continue

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Some thoughts about my boys.... from the TRUE animal lover

So my boy is losing his baby teeth. This is new to me as I never found any of my first corgi, Pooh's teeth. I have found three. His canine's and another one. The first one I found was on the pillow next to my face when I woke up. lol I told him if he wants the tooth fairy to bring him a cookie, he has to put it under his pillow. lol He's getting bigger day by day and although I loved him when he was little because of the out of control cuteness, I love him more everyday because he is getting… Continue

Added by Ashley and Copper on February 19, 2010 at 4:40pm — 4 Comments

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