My puppy was born late Sunday night, and the breeder posted a picture of a sister on facebook. They're so teeny right now at 4 days old, they don't even look like corgis, more like guinea pigs. I don't get to chose which puppy until they are about three weeks old, but I do get the pick of the litter :) SO excited. The name list is getting longer (it's about 20 names long right now, if not more), but I decided I likely won't name him until I meet him. We've stuck with a lot of movie, tv and book character names and every day I change my mind on my favorite, today it is Neville Longbottom and a few days ago it was Finnick O'dair, but my boyfriend stands strong on the name Tyrion (but I am not a game of thrones fan!). I am stressing a little bit as I am moving two weeks before I get to pick him up, so in that time I need to move in and get settled and puppy proof the house and prepare my cat for the arrival too.

Any tips on introducing my cat to the new puppy? She is not too fond of my parents lab/pit mix, he just wants to sniff, but she is intimidated. She doesn't like my parents cats either, they're huge male cats, but was fine with a friends kitten who was smaller than her. She is the queen of the house and knows it, and I would hate for her to feel alienated after getting the puppy. We are a house of dog lovers, but somehow she cuddled her way into our hearts. I really hope they are best friends, but from the start I can just hope they can stand each other!

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Comment by Napolean (Joan and Gabby) on May 3, 2013 at 1:50am
Congratulations !! I am forever thankful Napoleon entered our lives . As a puppy 10 weeks old, our cats figured it out themselves and like other owners just made sure that he was not too rough with the cats. One of our cats tolerates him but when they first met hissed and puffed out. The second would move away from him if he got too rough n would swat at him (no claws though ) Now they all nap together in the backyard :) no worries
Comment by Kristin on April 26, 2013 at 9:09am

How exciting!!! Your cat will do fine with the puppy. He will be *so* tiny that although she may do a few spits at first, she'll warm up to him. We left Beez in his crate when they were first introduced and let the cat lurk around his crate for a while. They both got lots of attention and treats when they were both calm and in the same space as each other. When that was OK (and they both were calm) we took Beez out on a leash by her so she could get used to that (again, lots of treats and praise for both). Pretty soon she was fine with him and they are best buds now. Just don't force anything if either of them are uncomfortable and keep reinforcing the good/calm behavior.  At some point, they may start playing with each other and if the puppy gets too rough, the cat will quickly let him know. That's OK! They're just learning each other's boundaries. Beez still gets bopped in the nose from time-to-time today, but they still play every day. This is them today:

 photo photo2_zps32933793.jpg

Comment by Jane Christensen on April 26, 2013 at 8:40am

I agree with Linda about the name. I had chosen one for Livvy (Gwenneth) and had name tags too. When I got her I realized she was NOT a Gwenneth at all.

Comment by Linda on April 26, 2013 at 8:01am

A new puppy to join your wonderful!  As for names..wait till you have him/her for a bit then the right name will come to you.

Introducing puppy and cat.  Well, the puppy will be smaller or the same size so that should help.  Expect a puffball reaction from your cat and maybe some hiding. They will work out their relationship to each other.  You will have to make sure the puppy doesn't get too enthusiastic with the cat till they find their place with each other. I've never had to introduce puppy and cat, mine have all been adult dogs and cats and they all have been successful.  Dogs herd the cats and the cats wash dog ears when they are sleeping.

I'm sure others will have a more detailed way to make the introduction.

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