Fossil was a rescue puppy from texas, well, at least her pregnant mother was. I stumbled across an adoption event hosted by 4paws4life while seaching corgi puppies in my local area. They are a non-profit organization that apparently takes good looking animals from high kill shelters around the four corner states and sells them at petcos in nice areas. 
They were advertising corgi mix pups for the next day at a local event so i filled out my application online and showed up early. 
It was a mad house. They had crates and crates of dogs(not all corgis,just the six pups and her mom, but mostly lab and shepard mutts of all kinds)stacked three high in a poorly fenced-off, full-on, mosh-pit of dogs barking at people fingering thier cages. Dogs barking at other dogs outside of cages. Children running after dogs. Dogs helping themselves to toys and rawhides that were within reach on the shelves nearby, and pushy, pushy, (and for some reason always too large for crowded areas) puppy ladies that will stand firm and not let anyone else around them to see the dogs as well. Thank goodness I filled out the app online... Once I was able speak to someone and informed them that i had already filled the app and asked to see one of their pups, Mary Ann, by name, things started to go smoother. 
Let me start off by saying Mary's/Fossils' mother was there, she was reduced priced, poor thing was some what emaciated and had just got done nursing her pups. But she was all smiles and seemed very at ease greeting everyone around her. She was definitely a corgi, and didnt bark?, i guess you could say she was laid back considering the surroundings. 
She had six puppies, the four boys were mostly black and white with a white stripe down and around their muzzles. Her brothers were caged two together and were very rambunctious. Her two girls were different. And not in the veiwing area? 
Marys/Fossils' sister was tawny with little spots. And Fossil has full symmetrical shepard marks. 
They brought her out and I watched her till our eyes met through her little crate. She didnt bark. And when they asked me to hold her that was it, I was immediately being measured up by the angry puppy ladies, they hadnt seen her and they were pissed! I was surrounded, and this dog was nuzzling my beared. She could see the screaming grasping gasping children, feel the hungry eyes from the high pitched, brightly colored, lumpy giants gathering around with purses, ready to stuff her in! So i broke for it, we found the purple vest girl and were guided back to the desk where i had to physically fight some leopard print, puppy grubbing tourist, for a chair to sign the papers. Evidently being asked to give up a chair at the adoption table to a man holding a puppy was a major affront to this woman.
Ok hold on
I had been following Marys/Fossils progress on their website waiting for the day she would be old enough to come to an event, so, unfortunately, I was on a mission here people. Ive worked in humanities so I knew there would be trouble over this dog.
Im not normally like this. I did everything I could to make sure we got to meet, and I knew it was still a gamble. I felt like i won the lottery. Who knows? Maybe she had already been back-door spoken for by some staffer, or maybe someone with more money! In some kind of sinister grease my hand deal!
I had to ask about some fur missing on her tail. They told me that it was healing ringworm since the hair was growing back. That she had possibly been in some undesirable conditions. But she was up to date on her shots and the rest of her coat was clean. I was nervous about this but they seemed intent on me taking her home and seeing their vet for free if anything is wrong. But that doesn't say much about Fossil. She is very sweet, I really dont know how else to put it.She was nervous but quiet and affectionate at the store. Wasnt phased about pulling a few Gs in the honda.Was quiet at the vet, let him handle her no prob, sometimes she seems too calm, but, she still loves to romp around, and is alert for a pup. Ive never raised from such a small pup, and sice she was advertised as corgi i wanted to get some input from the community here. Apparently there is a name for these mutts, Corman Shepard. She is very good at solid eye contact. 
Its night two at the house and she seems to be doing great.
Ive raised an already year old shelter german shepard into a fairly obedient dog that is brilliant at tricks but lacks a bit of control.I dont think i got to her quick enough, so to speak. Or i was a poor trainer. Probably both. My sister took Sadie May with her when she got her own place. So they are safe. Sadie is solid. After meeting friends with a corgi I was instantly impressed with their craftiness and energy. Ive seen they also score top marks in intelligence and trainabilty. She is picking up patterns almost instantly it seems. I see some serious obedience training in Fossils future, and many mountain hikes, so here's hoping with a little luck and diligence I can tap into this babys wondrous, brilliant potential. -K

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Comment by Jane Christensen on May 6, 2015 at 9:00pm

I love the look on her face...she will soon use that cute look to try to change your mind....a corgi thing:) Welcome.

Comment by susan on May 6, 2015 at 4:26pm
Congrats on your new pup. You will have great adventures together. I don't see any pictures that others are referring to, but all corgis are cute so I'm sure Fossil is too.
Comment by Lois B. Allen on May 6, 2015 at 2:15pm

Good luck with your new baby girl.  I also think she is adorable!

Comment by Michelle & Jetty on May 6, 2015 at 12:50pm

Welcome to the site :)  Fossil is absolutely adorable!  I can say, and I'm sure most people on here would too, that corgis are very very smart!  Too smart sometimes lol.  Jetty greatly benefited from his puppy class.  He is in intermediate class now, and doing very well.  Enjoy the puppy days they go by so fast!

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