Ponyo is doing very well. We've taken her on lots of trips with us this year, she's a very good travel dog. She still only tolerates the rabbit, and occasionally antagonizes her, which earns her a thump to the face from Butters' impressive hindquarters.

We've had four baby chickens in a brooder in the living room for a week now, and Ponyo is simultaneously curious and afraid. She wants to check them out sooooo bad, but as soon as I let one out for her to sniff at, she runs away. I understand, chickens are basically feathered dinosaurs. And they'll quickly be large birds that can hold their own.

No gardening this year, waaaay to busy with the big "production" wedding this past June, which was lovely. I neglected our poor little seedlings, so all we have to show this year are some potted herbs and a bin of potatoes. There's always next year...

In the space of a year-and-a-half, we've added six little animals to our family, and it's been wonderful. Maybe(hopefully) next year, there will be a bipedal seventh addition...fingers crossed!

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