We took Corky to the park the other day for a nice 3 mile walk. (since we were told he needed to be stimulated more) He used to be decent on walks when we would walk in a group. But the other day he was constantly barking at EVERYTHING. Other people, dogs, children, or just at nothing. He pulled and ran at full speed from the left to the right. And if there was a dog a few feet ahead of us he would whine a lot. (which someone said was a herding trait) And after the walk he was still just as hyper as when we started. We were pretty exhausted after that whole event.

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Comment by Kevan hudson on February 22, 2012 at 8:25pm
Hi shelbi, Benson at times can be the same way,it can get very frustrating, don't let them know that though,.let them know YOU are the boss,I have found that being calm really helps,talk to them in a calm in control voice, with benson I put him in a sit, and tell him what a good boy he is,at all times I try to get his focus on me,I do use something called "pet corrector" see if you can get it, it works,no matter what you do, it will work out,
Comment by Shelbi Hart on February 21, 2012 at 9:16pm

I've had him for about 6 months, and we took a basic obedience class right after I got him. Then we took a socializing and excersise class, which was 80 percent walking. He used to be good and listen, but lately he had been a little pain. My boyfriend is calling it his "terrible twos".

Comment by Toni Schenck on February 21, 2012 at 5:41pm

I agree to look into obedience classes... I'm in week 7 of a 10 week class and it's really nice to have a dog that doesn't pull. Jersey (shes 9months old) heels perfectly, will automatically sit when I stop walking, and knows the command "leave it" when it comes to whining, barking, or sniffing something I don't want her nose in. When we are in a store (petsmart, petco etc) all I do is flip the leash over my shoulder and no worries. Its the best decision we have made since getting her! Good Luck!!

Comment by Bev Levy on February 20, 2012 at 8:55pm

How old is Corky? Have you tried any obedience classes? That would be a big help with his behaviors. It sounds as if he is adjusting either to a new situation or is going through a stage. The support of a positive class would really help you deal with whatever he is going through.

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