Hey, uh, Corgis/humans, well not that long ago I was rough housing. And then when the older brother picked up the youngest sister, I started to bark. Then, the older brother lowered the youngest sister to me. I started playfully nipping at her, And then I started to softly bite her leg. I thought she wanted to play, but she started CRYING. I got in trouble and was pushed outside. Do you guys think it was MY fault she got hurt?

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Comment by Mike and Lisa on May 7, 2009 at 9:01am
well i think jake was alittle naughty for the nip but he wasnt mean or bad! Number one brother sister were rough housing and lifted the younger one. In the corgi world that is a no-no because then alot of the time the corgi gets worried about the one being lifted up. Heck in our house if somebody is getting tickled and makes the high pitch squeal Caden is moving 100mph to check it out and make sure and herding each other away saying break it up mom and dad. Jake nipped her on the leg where also naturally he would herd stock to move them along. You don't want him to be herding the people along. I remember having my first dog and my brother and I were rough housing and my mom sent us outside instead of the dog because we were the ones causing the trouble not the dog. If anything you need to understand why he did what he did but also as humans restructure your family way to also understand what he was doing was being protective of his humans.
Comment by Susan Stanton on May 7, 2009 at 7:16am
Ohhhhh Jakie, not totally. Like John says, there are rules and we need to learn them.....but sometimes our people forget we are, after all, dogs and we react to situations like....dogs. So the people need to play by the rules too. If we can learn not to nip, they need to learn not to use the little sister as a dangling chew toy when we're all excited and romping, then we'll all be happy. And if you don't have a cat box handy, I like to hide socks around the house, just so everyone remembers who's really in charge, here.
Comment by John Wolff on May 7, 2009 at 1:57am
Jake, you can get away with a lot in this world simply by being good-looking, but you're busted. Rule is: only the humans get to initiate tooth contact. They get to stick their disgusting, smelly fingers into your mouth anytime they want (their inscrutable reasons are sometimes legit), but you never get to put your teeth around any part of them unless you're invited. Doesn't seem fair, but it saves trouble in the long run.
Partly their fault -- they need to train their own puppies a bit closer, and teach them to be careful around dogs. People puppies are unbelievably stupid (they get even worse when they're teenagers).
If you resent this, resort to subterfuge -- like surreptitiously moving something choice from the catbox into a shoe.

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