I've taken Alie to outside by a stroller. She's not an active corgi for her life so she seems to be ok riding on it. But sometimes she tries to run after other dogs in a dog park but she couldn't. I feel so bad to see her like that. I'm again researching wheelchair for her. I just applied at CorgiAid if she can get it thru them. Otherwise, I need to order one. Any suggestion? I like walking' wheels but very pricy...K9 Carts is my second choice...  Alie is 12yrs old, weigh only 20 lb, never over 20lb. If you know anything about wheelchair for corgis, lemme know!!!

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Comment by megumi nakamura on September 13, 2015 at 9:30pm

I thought about it but even tho she's not that active she might wanna a lil walk to wherever she would wanna go...without me. I'm waiting for the reply from CorgiAid to get a cart for free. If not, I will get one for her from K9 I think. 

Comment by Holly on September 13, 2015 at 9:51am
Since she isn't that active to begin with could you use a sling or back support to help her walk. I believe the cost less than 50$ and they make it easy to take her on walks, though she would not be able to walk or run independently. Depends on your needs and hers.

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