So As we all have Heard this weekend there was a HUGE Earthquake resulting in a massive Tsunami from Japan.. My Thoughts and Prayers go out to Japan as well as all the people who havent been found and or Lost family members... I too had a Panicked weekend... I came home from Closing at work and found my mom on hte phone *at 1:30 am* talking wiht friends.. I sat down and watched in awe as the news told of the horrible disaster that had taken place... I have always wanted to visit there ever since i was little and to see the disaster took me back in shock.. but the announcement that Oregon/Washington/California Coastline was on High Alert for Tsunami warning sent me into panic mode... My two best friends from Childhood live in Rockaway Oregon... one of the many loved Beach Areas of Oregon... and I started to freak out.. My mom tried calming me and telling me it was alright dont worry they probably had evacuated.. but terror still hung high.. I been through everything with these Girls and the thought of losing them was not a thought i wanted to think about.. so i hastly took a couple hour nap waking up to immidiatly call them.. *was a long day of work and panic was not something that set well with my anxiety disorder so i had to rest* Oh what a Relief it was to hear Trish's voice answering the phone I cried... She told me that at 2 that morning the Alarm was ringing loud an dthey packed up all they could and took off to Wheeler where their parents left and stayed the night there... Wheeler is on the coast YES but it is built on a hill so they were safe... I was so glad and she was so shocked to hear my voice we talked for quite a while until i decided to let her go.. they too were exhausted.. after we got off the phone we both passed out...


Monday i had my finals and am now on Spring break... also taking spring term off to relx a little and spend more time with Ace...

oh and I think i mentioned how when i was at Pet Smart the other day they had a Jersey and Matching Hat that me and My sister in law bought for him... he hasnt worn it since the day i bought it for him and Last night i pulled it off the desk and looked at him and said"You wanna wear this today?" he sat pretty and i put it down for him to smell and he knew what to do stuck his little head through the hole nub wagging the hole time.. i couldnt help but squeel with delight XP i bougth Scrappy some hoodies and he didnt much care for one except for in winter time but thats because he is a pitty and such ... i figured Ace would only wear it to please me but he got down right excited i even offered to let him wear it LOL... so he now wears it around the house only getting stripped of it when he goes outside to go potty because well >_>;;; i learned a lesson from scrappy not to let boy dogs wear shirts/hoddies/etc out when they go potty cuz they pee on it XD

Also i took Pics of him wearing the Scarves he got from Sidney~ he is such a silly pup~
So here are some pics of him wearing his Scarves (and Jersey XD)

I Really need to vaccuum lol guy sheds like the dickens sometimes not to mention he just got a bath XP oh boy does he shed after a bath XD

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Comment by Ace and Jen on March 18, 2011 at 12:06pm

He really likes the scarfs too~

Ya they maybe over played it but better safe then sorry ya know ^^;;

I was just thankful my friends we ok ._.;;

Comment by Geri & Sidney on March 18, 2011 at 3:05am
Hey Jen, tell Ace the scarves look great on him! Thank you for the pics. I think the media overplayed the danger we had here on the west coast. WE just got a few inches rise at the shore, but I heard in Santa Cruz the boats that were docked got tossed around and there was some damage. It was a good chance for you to catch up with your friends.

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