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At 2:42am on July 9, 2013, LA Stewart said…

Kim, I noticed the Iowa Event on the Main Page for July.  Is that the one you tried 2 years ago or is this something new?  I wondered if you would be attending. 

Have you changed your E-mail?  I wrote you on June 5th and never got a reply.  I wanted to know if we should do an Illinois Corgi Picnic this year or not.  I wanted your feedback.  I guess my problem is that I want to go to one, but I don't really want to plan it.  I guess part of the problem is that we had to cancel due to the weather last year.  It is hard to do the planning and then not get to reap the rewards.   I like doing CORGI-CON because it is here in town, but Freeport os so far away.  Let me know how you are feeling about it.  Also, let me know if you have changed your E-mail address.

Thanks, Lisa

At 12:01pm on August 10, 2012, LA Stewart said…


I read what you said about "Itchy Dog" and Wynne has that allergy issue.  It started 2 years ago when she was a bit over 1 year old.  I hoped it was a one time thing, but it came back last year with a vengence.  It always starts mid-August for her, so I have been watching her.  She already seems to over react when I rub her belly and that is usually the first sign.  I called the vet and picked up pills so I am ready. *sigh*  I hate that she goes through this every year.  She hates when we have to soak her feet about every other day, but it does help her.

Hope Herky makes out OK this year.


At 10:44pm on May 20, 2012, Mitch said…

Hi Kim,

well, there will be at least three or four people at the meetup.  We also know some non-mycorgi.com people who have corgis and we invited them; we have also invited all the corgi-owning dog park regulars.  I hope as many as possible show up--it would kind of awesome to meet Herky (I worked at UI for about 4 months before I figured out that he's the mascot, der).

At 10:55am on March 21, 2012, Jennifer Markley said…

Hello!!  Definitely come to the meet-up!  It sounds like we'll have a great time.  I can't wait to see all the corgis...:-)

At 4:52pm on September 14, 2011, LA Stewart said…

I see you started a new group for Iowa.  Hoping to get a picnic for next year?

If you have it near Coralville we might come and visit with our breeder the next day.

BUT you still have to come to th Illinois Corgi Picnic too.


At 6:42pm on September 12, 2011, Chris and Andrew said…
Kim, thank you for the cute boxes of doggie treats for Jeter & Cappy. They say "yummy yummy" :-) It was nice to see you, Mia and Herky.
At 9:50pm on September 2, 2011, Holly W said…
It looks like there's a 40% chance of rain here in Omaha tomorrow. It said "scattered" so at least it won't be constant. I'm going to try to get out to the dog park for the meet-up if it's not raining.
At 9:45am on August 29, 2011, Maggie Moo & Guardian said…
thanks for the birthday balloons :)
At 8:30am on August 23, 2011, Maggie Moo & Guardian said…
I love your profile pic! Makes me wish Maggie wasn't so jealous so I could get her a sister/brother to cuddle with.
At 9:00pm on August 21, 2011, Patricia and corgi Layla said…
Thank you Mia! I just love your babes. Great pics!
At 2:22am on August 21, 2011, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…
Aww, thanks!  I would love to attend the Freeport picnic, unfortunately, its a bit too far for us. :(  The park looks wonderful!!!  Although the park is too far for us we also wont be able to attend with Lance because he is sick.  I know Lance and Tucker would love it, to run and frap.  Tucker is so ready for some play time, his buddy just isn't up to it. :(   It would be interesting to see Tucker with a bunch of corgis since we have only seen him with Lance int he five months we have had him.  I am looking forward to seeing lots of pics and videos from the day.  :)
At 2:16am on August 21, 2011, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

I just sent you a friend request :)


At 1:16am on August 21, 2011, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Looking through your photos, they are adorable, love them all!!!


At 2:16pm on August 16, 2011, LA Stewart said…

Thanks so much for the flowers!

Can we exchange E-mails?  Then I could send you what I have so far for the write up.  It is getting rather long.  I wonder if I need to edit it.  This is all new to me.  I am not an organizer, but I want to meet the other Corgi Fanatics too.  I was so frustrated with the whole thing until you started this new discussion and now I am motivated.

I don't know if they allow EZ-Ups, so I wrote the park again.  Should I wait for their response or post the event and add those kind of details later?

At 12:52pm on August 16, 2011, LA Stewart said…

I just noticed your friend invitation.  I am new to this whole MyCorgi thing.  I just joined at the end of July after attending the Wisconsin Corgi Picnic.  They encouraged me to sign up.  I still get confussed on all this blogging stuff.

I am so glad that you started that new discussion.  I understand you saying that you did not want to take over since you are not a resident of Illinois.  I was afraid to get to pushy because I am new to the group.  I got it that if the picnic was closer to Chicago it would be easier for the bulk of the people.  I researched several parks online since I live far from there as well.  I kept coming back to Freeport since it had everthing we wanted.


However, I was getting very angry about that new girl just starting up the survey after it was all decided.  She said Freeport was too far for her to come.  I will not miss meeting her!  By the way, she listed a new discussion for the Naperville Park and used MY idea of bringing things to donate to their shelter.  Oh, well...  It will help the animals there too.


At 12:02pm on August 16, 2011, LA Stewart said…

You are my new best friend!

Thank you for starting the Freeport discussion group.  I thought it was all decided and then that woman had to post that silly survey and mess everything up.  Until you posted this I thought I would just not be involved with the Illinois Corgi group anymore.


At 6:55pm on February 08, 2011, Nicola Porter gave mia, herky, & kim a gift
Thank you for the gift, Lando Oliver was actually who I got from a petstore and Bootsie was rehomed to me by a friend that couldn't keep him, thanks again for your thoughts.
At 12:39am on January 12, 2011, Katie & GiGi said…

Wow! I can definitely tell our puppies are related... I'm thinking it's Mia that looks exactly like GiGi. They are such beautiful dogs, right??! And my girl is so smart and well behaved. I got her on October 5th when she was 10 weeks old. And yes, I did get her shipped to me since Iowa would be quite the drive from NH lol. She was born on August 27th to Muffin and Ted E Bear. Your puppies look to be about the same age so I'm sure you have her siblings. So cool!!

They do grow so fast - in fact, most people don't realize that she's only a little over four months old. I remember when I got her she was smaller than my cousin's pomeranian puppy! But she's at kind of a perfect age right now - potty trained/crate trained but with all that sweet puppy energy. I'm really happy with her and have been recommending Cupid's Kiss to everyone I know.


At 10:06pm on January 5, 2011, Molly said…
Mia and Herky are adorable! They only get cuter as they grow. I can see why people get 2 of them :-) Jack has quite the personality- he loves to follow me around and if for some reason you aren't paying him attention he will perform tricks until you look at him, he is quite a character. Did you get your two from Shannon at Cupids Kiss Kennel? Congrats on the new additions!
At 9:46pm on December 2, 2010, Wendt Worth Corgi's said…

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