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At 6:43pm on April 29, 2015, Lois B. Allen said…

HIP HIP HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I KNOW YOU FELL LIKE YOU HAVE BEEN LET OUT OF PRISON!!!!!!!!!  GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR JOB SEARCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 10:12am on February 14, 2015, Lois B. Allen said…


I hope Tom can hang in a little longer and then you can get him out and about more.

We are well,  Randy is in full coat form.  It is so pretty but so hard to work with.  We 

will both be glad to get it trimmed in a few weeks.

Again, best wishes.  Lois

At 4:45pm on February 11, 2015, Michelle & Jetty said…

Thank you so much :)

At 11:06pm on November 8, 2014, Rebecca Horner said…

Thank you!

At 4:41pm on October 26, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…
At 1:51pm on October 25, 2014, Lois B. Allen said…

Yes, we are having a nice fall!!!!!  Although, I'm having worse fall allergies that I can ever remember but it is nice.  The plants are really confused.  You remember that a younger friend and I do container gardening, well we have 20 or more little tomatoes and a bunch of several types of peppers!!  They will probably get frozen one of these days.  I think I will pick an extra green tomato for preparation of fried green tomatoes.  Is that a southern soul food that you have experienced?  They can be wonderful if prepared in a way that you like them but there are different ways.

Is Tommy also very frisky with the cooler weather.  I am so thankful that Randy feels better with the cooler weather.

They continue to be occupied with their bones and I used to control the amount of chewing that I allowed but Reese had been a rescue and had been hungry so i finally started leaving them out.  It is good to clean Randy's teeth but Reese may wear her's out but at least with a little extra food she doesn't seem to think that she is going to starve any more (I hope).

Happy Halloween to you and spider dog.


At 2:27pm on July 4, 2014, Lois B. Allen said…

Hi Laura,  It is my birthday.  It has always been pleasant to have the whole country celebrate it but I dread the fireworks tonight.  We have had some during the week and it has really irritated the dogs as they have barked and carried on!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I hope you and your roommate and little boy are doing well.


At 2:56pm on June 22, 2014, Lois B. Allen said…

I just noticed your comment in an old post about 4th of July.  It and new years are not nearly so bad since it is illegal to fire guns on holidays!!!  My dogs used to be terrified especially on New Years eve.  I think in those days my dogs were more afraid of everything because of the fear caused by gun shooting.  Randy and Reese stay close but are not as back as previous dogs.

You may still need to call the health dept. about the ravine as it is a mosquito hazard and construction probably made it worse.

At 10:13am on June 14, 2014, Lois B. Allen said…

Oh Laura, I forgot another event.  One morning before I got up Randy went out and caught something and came in and got up on the bed with me.  He then let go of the thing and it jumped to the floor and was then attacked by Reese.  Poor thing was a bird and was severely injured so I carefully took it out and put it on the outside of the fence. I don't think Randy intended it any harm but Reese may have had to survive at one time on what she could catch so she knew how to inflect damage.  I really hate that but it is/was extremely unusual.

At 10:06am on June 14, 2014, Lois B. Allen said…

Hi Laura,

Are you in OH or AL.  We are so thrilled that it hasn't been too hot yet.  Randy has been clipped once and then I have done his tummy area a second time.  I'm hoping to take him back to PetSmart in July or when ever it gets hot.

Reese is her usual self but a littler more active than she used to be and Randy is not quite as busy as he used to be.

Last year Reese taught Randy that the peppers on pepper plants were good tasting but she seems to realize that the ripe ones are better.  He on the other hand doesn't mind if they are really green.  Monday they attacked 2 plants that had quite a few peppers on them.  Our plants are in pots and last year they sat on the ground so this year, we put them on old picnic benches but never the less the dogs manage to turn one pot over and ate all of the maturing peppers.  There was another plant that had quite a few peppers but fortunately, I had tied the top up for support so they couldn't turn it over.  Consequently, they were only able to eat those that were lower on the plant.

Randy has never liked for me to talk on the phone as he realizes that he doesn't own me while I am paying attention to the person on the phone.  He also goes nuts over the door bell or phone ringing.  One night I got a call and I was eating my dinner out of a big plastic bowl so I had to get up and put it on the counter because I couldn't talk and fight Randy off.  That didn't deter him, he just went to the kitchen and jumped up and grabbed the bowl, pulled it to the floor and ate my dinner!!

He knows he is long but he is also an unbelievable jumper.  He is also a "sensitive" and understands if a person is sick or fragile.  I had a friend from CA visit for a month and he seemed to understand that she was not as sure on her feet so after she would get seated, he would "sail" through the air and land in her lap and didn't cause her much damage.  He can be an ornery little guy.  If I didn't do what he wanted he would go jump in her lap!!  He is ornery but is sweet most of the time.


At 8:35pm on May 5, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

Thanks so much!! 

At 3:24am on May 5, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…

ok thats wierd, I copy and pasted the link for the pic with the snowman pic, but the football pic came up, lol

At 3:23am on May 5, 2014, Natalie, Lance &Tucker said…!/photo/ready-for-my-close-up-1?context=user

we have the same pillowcase and sheet set, I have a pic of lance and tucker with the pillow too!!  good taste :)

At 1:48pm on April 4, 2014, Anya Q. said…

Hi Laura!  I just love Tommy's smile, what a cutie!

At 6:28pm on February 24, 2014, Lois B. Allen said…

Hi Laura,

I'm so glad that the big Tommy smile has gotten attention.  He is a handsome corgi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Good luck.


At 1:44pm on December 18, 2013, Lois B. Allen said…

Thanks Laura, I wish you, Tommy and the family a very Merry Christmas also.  Let Tommy have all the fun he wants as we never know what we will have.  I am looking forward to the 70 degree weather this weekend!!!!!  I hope to bathe Randy and use a lot of conditioner.  His hair has tended to "stand out or up" since his bath at PetSmart and I can get around better and I would like for him to look pretty in his longer coat.  He seems to have settled down quite a bit.  He is not as hyper as he used to be and doesn't try to dominate much any more!!

At 8:51pm on November 17, 2013, Erin said…

We should try do our own meet up time then! haha I'll be moving in that area eventually so we could always do that! 

At 4:24pm on November 16, 2013, Lois B. Allen said…

I'm glad to hear that and that is a major reason I like it here.  My 7 total years in MI provided way more winter than I ever wanted.  In the development where I live, we had quite a bug problem this fall because of the 2 previous winters so my mind says I want some cold weather but my body says NNNOOOO!!

Are you and Tommy well?  I hope you have made progress adjusting to the school and the southern way of doing things.  I do hope you do well.

Have you heard of an Ashley Rhea yet?

Randy and Reese have been to PetSmart fairly recently for baths but Randy's coat seems funny but I had problems with feet and back so couldn't do them.  I will probably continue to take them.  They need toenail jobs already but I can do that with one of the sander/grinder things.  As long as I provide cherrio-type things they are willing to endure the procedures. 

Take care and do well.  Lois

At 8:23pm on October 29, 2013, Tze Peng said…
Hello Laura, thank you for adding me in you friends list.

Tommy is such a cute Corgi. I like the way he 'smile' to the camera.
At 11:51am on September 25, 2013, Wilson Waddlepants and Joyce said…

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes for Wilson.  I can't believe he's already a year old.  I love Wilson so much and I'm very grateful to have him.  

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