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At 1:04pm on July 3, 2012, Lois B. Allen said…

Thanks for saying that Randy looks intelligent.  He is.  Sometime, go back to my page and look for a video entitled "I ride" about 3 times.  He has made that his chair and has worked hard to learn what girations he could get it to make.  His current pet peeve is birds, primarily pigeons.  I have a bird feeder near the living room window.  He knows that some birds, especially the pigeons get on the roof.  He was outside the window looking in at the living room ceiling then he looked up the outside wall of the house.  I know he wants to get up there and get them!!! He would love to scale the wall but can't figure out how.

At 7:43pm on October 30, 2011, Duncan said…
You will love Portland Cody!! Miles and miles of beaches, trails and the most dog friendly city ever!! Yayy!!!
At 11:05pm on June 14, 2011, Durri Bakht gave Cody a gift
For handsome Cody
At 11:04pm on June 14, 2011, Durri Bakht said…

Cocosette says mil gracias for the lovely red ribbon!  It's a nice gift on her nine week birthday.  My girl is turning into quite the personality; mostly adorable with about ten percent gleefully rotten.  In an effort to work off some of her excess energy, I've started getting her used to walking on a lead. She's about 50% amenable; hates to leave the house, leads the way when it's time to return.  We had a little rain storm this morning so she got to experience wet pavement and grass.  She seemed rather perplexed and wasn't big on getting her paws wet at first, lol. 

I envy you living near the ocean.  It's all lake for us here and then only during the warm months.  Cody, who by the way is crazy photogenic, appears pretty content to just get his feet wet, lol.

At 7:10pm on May 30, 2011, Ellen Andersen gave Cody a gift
Happy Memorial Day Everyone!
At 4:01pm on May 24, 2011, ♥Deborah gave Cody a gift
At 7:05pm on December 13, 2010, Ellen Andersen gave Cody a gift
Have a wonderful holiday full of treats, stuffies, belly rubs, and fun!
At 11:07am on November 25, 2010, Marlene Tompkins said…
Cody, what a handsome boy you are! Happy Birthday from chipper and Marlene.
At 10:30am on November 25, 2010, Jessie & Alwyn said…
Alwn and I wish Cody a very happy birthday! Baroooo! ^,,^
At 12:39am on November 25, 2010, mia, herky, & kim gave Cody a gift
Happy Thanksgiving! Mia & Herky
At 11:38pm on November 17, 2010, Ellen Andersen gave Cody a gift
Thank you, Cody! We hope you have a great week!
At 7:28pm on November 13, 2010, Rita + Picasso gave Cody a gift
Happy weekend to you, too!
At 8:27pm on October 21, 2010, Rita + Picasso said…
Hi Cody! Picasso has a problem with people sneezing too (acutally, only with my husband but not with me)... he need sto leave the room, or at least turn around and look the other way. You're a super cutie pie, Cody!
At 6:40am on October 19, 2010, mia, herky, & kim said…
thank you for the warm welcome! Mia and Herky say hello to Cody!
At 11:55am on October 17, 2010, Annemarie Kaufman gave Cody a gift
At 7:45am on October 17, 2010, Lois Moon said…
Thanks for the welcome. My boys both came from FLA. Mingus from Ocala and Coltrane from Clearwater. Have you found Katie's Bumpers? You can google that name and find them. They are toys made from fire hose material. When Mingus was burning through a toy every five mintues (must destroy, must destuff, must desqueak), I got him one of these. It has a squeaky in it, but he never managed to take it apart. After seven years, it is still floating around here.
At 9:46pm on October 16, 2010, Stanley & Charlotte said…
It was so nice to meet Cody. He's so adorable. Here's the link to the picnic See you next time!
At 4:48pm on October 9, 2010, Cheree Guy said…
He is so cute! Love the video
At 8:47pm on October 03, 2010, Jessie & Alwyn gave Cody a gift
Hope you had a great weekend. Tell Cody we're sending belly rubs and cookies his way!
At 3:16pm on October 3, 2010, Jessie & Alwyn said…
Alwyn and I thank you for the add. Cody has such a handsome face!!

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