Yuki & Ellie's Videos (8)

  • Quiet Play

    Quiet Play

    "Yuki and Ellie have learned that naptime is quiet time, but that doesn't stop them from playing. I… Tags: play, quiet Yuki & Ellie Mar 13, 2012 116 views

  • Ellie Loves Fetch!

    Ellie Loves Fetch!

    Fetch is Ellie's #1 favorite game to play. Just watch that little bunny nub wiggle a thousand miles… Tags: fetch Yuki & Ellie Dec 6, 2011 112 views

  • Water Fun!

    Water Fun!

    Ellie's first encounter with the hose. :) She needed to cool off after helping me plant some flower… Yuki & Ellie Oct 12, 2011 61 views

  • playtime

    playtime 01:36

    This is how Ellie gets what she wants. In this case, it's an elk antler. Yuki & Ellie Aug 2, 2011 104 views

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