Chris West's Videos (53)

  • Yodeling

    Yodeling 0:18

    Frosty was attempting to teach Drake the proper way to yodel with a toy in your mouth Chris West Jul 26, 2013 114 views

  • Bad Toys

    Bad Toys 0:25

    I love how Drake has to roll over and chastise all of his toys as he plays with them lol. Such a cu… Chris West Jul 26, 2013 80 views

  • Frosty Tests The Ice

    Frosty Tests The Ice 0:26

    So my husband decided to use Frosty to test the thickness of the ice on our pond this weekend... no… Chris West Feb 17, 2011 71 views

  • Frosty Blizzard

    Frosty Blizzard 0:25

    Frosty loves a good blizzard lol. Glad I don't have to do that outside!! Chris West Feb 1, 2011 38 views

  • Frosty vs Jasper

    Frosty vs Jasper 01:36

    I think Jasper bit off a little more than he could chew when he picked a fight with Frosty today. I… Chris West Aug 21, 2010 80 views

  • Frosty & Jasper Bonding

    Frosty & Jasper Bonding 0:28

    Frosty and our new farm kitten Jasper are super best pals now. Frosty pretends to eat him and Jaspe… Chris West Aug 9, 2010 78 views

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