I was wondering how old do Corgi's live and do they get joint problems?I was told when I got Holly that she would develop joint problems as her feet turn out.


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From what I hear, Corgi tends to get back problems as they get old. Just like Dachshund do, because of their longer back/spine.
I was told that Corgis are not as prone to back problems as other long bodied breeds are because while they may have a long spine, they also have a long ribcage which offers better support.

They can of course end up with certain back problems, knee and elbow problems and hip dysplasia.
i would say they usually live to be at least 12. my first corgi died at age 12 or 13, but she had a tumor in her sinuses. my second corgi died at age 14 because she was attacked by a pitbull, she would probably still be us today if that wouldn't have happened. As far as joint problems go, i would say it depends on the dog. One of my corgis had joint problems but she had weight issues for a while so i think that that had something to do with it. she just got adequan injections monthly, which did wonders and made her super active again.
The most important things regarding longevity in Corgis is genetics, diet, exercise, and medical care, in that order. We can't change genetics. Choices of food, exercises, and a good veterinarian are in our control. However, there are certain conditions that Corgis are genetically predisposed to including herinated disc, degenerative mylophy, and eye issues. DM is a disease that universities are now studying and many of them are requesting DNA or blood samples from Corgi owners. There is no cure for DM.The Corgi starts going down in the rear, and it continues to get worse. Of course Corgis are in the top five breeds for vWD.

Turned out feet does not mean arthritis. Depending on activity level, joint issues can begin as early as 10-11 months. The issue on structure is only buy from reputable breeders. Stay away from pet stores and farm and horse breeders. Noting of course that many reputable breeders do live on farms. Wow! I about put my foot in my mouth. ;-) But I believe that you get the idea.


Yes Corgi's do get joint problems. We have a 7 year old male. We have been using a product called HIP Flex is all natural. If you do a search for Ava Frick you will find a wealth of information on this subject. Ava Frick is a Pain Management specialist that is a great vet and person.
Hi Bob
Thanks for your advice,I will have a look.Thanks everyone for your advice too
Hi Lisa

Here is the link to Ava's site..... www.petbodybuilders.com

Hope it helps...

Toby says hi to... and happy to have lost the 6 pounbds that he has lost...

Bob R
Hi Lisa

I had 3 corgies until recently my oldest passed away after 17 years. We never had joint problems untill he got to be 15 ish and that was pure old age!! Treholland
We say the "typical" life span is 14. I have known some that have lived much longer. Much depends on the genetic makeup of the dog as well as the care provided. Regarding arthritis once again this has to do with the environment, the activity level and good old genetics. Some people are more pre-disposed to arthritis then others. Very similar in dogs.
I believe the "average" lifespan for a corgi is 14 years. They do end up with joint problems, back problems, hip problems and eye problems. Just like Humans. :) My Zack (2 years old) has undergone a TPLO surgery on his right rear leg 7 weeks ago and will undergo another on his left rear leg in 4 weeks. We think he may have had bad knee ligaments from birth.
I was look for someone that had tplo on their corgi. My snoopy / corgi had his 2nd tplo and is recovering. It's been 9week now. The doc saided he has water in the knee and will not be a jumping and running for another 2month. But all in all he is doing well. I am glad I am not the only corgi owner with 2 tplo in my dog. I thought this was for bigger dogs.

Snoopy mom in Vancouver, Wa
Hello Lisa

I had a corgi called Misty that lived until she was 18 yrs. Got to about 15 before she developed joint and back problems and was on medication for a couple of years but was still happy could, FRAP, run and play etc. Cheers from Jenny


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