As I sit here, both Augie and Charlotte are staring at me, grumbling, and trying to get my attention. They think it is time to eat ( I said they can tell time). So here's my question, do your corgis talk to you? Not bark, more like whimpering, grumbling,and little noises to try to get your attention. If I try to ignore them, they just get louder, and more pitiful sounding. Charlotte also does this at the door, when she needs to go out..

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Many corgis are champion talkers and have quite a range of sounds too!
Yes, my Gonzo does that too. He didn't do it at first but after we had him for a few weeks he started to make the noises. I think maybe his vocal chords had developed so he was able to make more sounds. He does it quite frequently, but mostly when he is on my lap while I'm on my computer. Actually, he *always* does it at that time, lol. He makes growling, grumbling, whining, grating, yawning, barking, yelping, etc....I've never heard such noises come from a dog!
I spent a lot of energy reading about and researching problem barking, as Kiyo is living here incognito (no dogs allowed) and I was concerned about it being a problem for my neighbors and anyone walking by. She was a mute except the first few nights of howling for her family.. but she turned out to be VERY talky when anyone walks by our hallway or makes any noise outside the door.. She grumbles and gives out a loow low 'woof' under her breath, then looks to me for what to do next. I always thank her for protecting us and tell her everything is ok. In the middle of the night if the trees blow too hard she'll climb up on my legs and woof a little to wake me.. She's such a loyal protector.
My corgi Mac talks to us all the time. When she was little she would aroo at us, she still does once in awhile, but not as much. When she wants us to hold her bone, she jumps on our laps, throws the bones and gives this little woof or when she is frustrated she does these low growls or woofs. It's pretty cute, hard to take her serious. Now we have a German Shorthair as well, and she woofs at her and gets her barking.
My Ritz `talks' to me when he's happy to see me (especially when I return home from work), when he wants to go out for a walk so that he can do his business etc.
Ruby is the champion vocalizer in our family - she is particularly vocal in the morning but often aroos through the day when spoken to. Devo is less talkative, mostly in the morning. They only bark LOUDLY when the doorbell rings and then they are hard to calm down until they've thoroughly inspected and greeted whoever did the ringing. There was a (AT&T?) commercial a few years back that had an audible ringing doorbell and even though it didn't sound like our doorbell, it always got a reaction from them. Most of their vocalizing is very endearing - stereo yodels when they do their morning play bows, etc.
Coonnnstantly! I just played a short game of fetch with Eddie, and every time I'd call him over to drop the toy, he'd give me one of his grumble/purr noises. I don't think he wanted to give it up, and that's his way of back-sassing me! But he's a good boy and dropped it anyway. He echos when I bark, and talks back when I talk to him. He growls at his toys, does the silliest pee-pee dance and whimper when he REALLY has to go, purrs greetings at people in the mornings, yawns and grumbles when he stretches... Such a goofball. He barks an awful lot when he's excited, and sometimes it's irritating, but I know that's also part of the breed.
Yes, Lance is quite the talker!!  Not sure about Tucker as we just adopted him the past Sunday, time will tell!!!
I am leaning this.  My Chloe was born with a small trecka (?) so she could not bark, she made something that to her was a bark and to us it was cute, but we never laughed at her.  But Solomon is a very loud barker and the other morning he was feeling especially frisky and we were apparently not paying him the attention he deserved and we got a yodel!  Now we were so use to Chloe that this shocks us!  We stoped what we are doing and turn around and look at him with our heads turned sideways.  Of course he laughs at us!!!  Can't wait to hear all the other noises he makes.
Al & Gwynnie talk in Canine Esperanto, an unintelligible universal language of exquisitely articulate gibberish with a vast range of expressive sounds (modulated with body language) that precisely convey all meaningful shades of the four items of life:  food, play, ball, and outside.
i love this. :]

Yes, Jazmin has a range of sounds.

The moring hello= Low rumble, woof and a small whine

Lets go outside= One bark followed by a whine/growl

Play with me= 3 low woofs followed by a whine.

Someones at the door= 3 barks deepening in tone progressivly

Feed me NOW= whimper/whine with 2 barks, then consistant soft woofing

I'm tired, its bed time= soft arooo, yawn whine.

These are the tones she makes that I've found thus far. Yes I'll have to agree that Corgi's do have the largest vocal range of any dog I've come across aside from huskys. Oddly enough their bark combinations actually do mean something to them, as if you test this they will constantly do the same thing if given the same sisuation.

I love my wonderfully vocal, stubborn and somewhat hard headed little princess.


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