I find that my little corgi pup scratches all the time. She doesn't have any internal or external parasites, such as worms or fleas. So, I am suspecting it may dietary.

I am giving her flax seed oil in her dry kibble, but so far it isn't helping. I am suspecting it may be a food allergy of some sort. She is currently of nutro puppy food which is a relatively higher quality kibble.

Are corgi's known for having skin or food allergies? Any suggestions?


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Knowing the background of her parents could be a key here. Often times parents with skin allergies produce pups with skin allergies. While she may be free from parasites now flea bite dermatitis does not disappear immediately with the absence of fleas. Sometimes the change of coat from puppy coat to adult coat will make them a tad itchier but not intensely. Getting to the source of itchy skin isnt always easy but a good place to start would be with your vet.
It could be a food allergy, although food allergies are more rare than most people think. Has she been itchy almost every day since you got her, or did she just start scratching recently? Is she itchy all over, or scratching specific spots? She could have a contact allergy to grass or plants outdoors, or to that carpet deodorizing powder some people use indoors. As Sam said, it's really difficult to pinpoint a specific allergen. If she just recently started scratching, think about what may have changed recently: food, household cleaning products, new vegetation in the yard or park, etc.

A good oatmeal shampoo may help sooth her itchy skin temporarily, but won't cure whatever is causing the itch.
My vet recently prescribed Omega 3 oil to add to Handsome Georges food. He is itchy too, but I think it is the dry house.
how old is your pup? i was talking to my vet about this just yesterday because mine are really itchy too. she said it is normal for puppies because when they going through growth spurt they grow faster than there skin so it gets streached and itchy
If your vet told you that itching and scratching is part of a puppy growth spurt, I think I'd find another vet! LOL

Chronic itching and scratching is a sign of pain, either from a contact allergen, a food allergen, or skin parasites.

Here's a good article on dog "itching & scratching". Even a quick skim through this article shows why it is hard to pinpoint the problem...but there is a problem. It's not a normal part of puppy growth.

She came to us scratching. We've had her for 2 months and she is 5 months old. I've done the shampoo treatment, continue to give her flax seed oil, but nothing seems to help. No flea dermatitis. She seems itchy all over, but mostly her neck and hip area. In fact, I had to buy her a harness to wear when she walks because the collar I was using to walk her drove her nuts. She wouldn't walk for more than a minute at a time because she would need to stop and scratch. She doesn't appear to be in any pain. No hair loss. No sores. I am at a loss. The vet is wanting me to put her on a hypoallergenic diet and gradually wean her back into different foods to see if we can pinpoint it. But I agree with Charlie in that food allergies are pretty rare.

I know Corgi are huge shedders and I was concerned because she wasn't shedding much when we first got her, but I figured it's because she's a puppy. But as of a week ago, I am finally seeing what all the other corgi owners talk about. I find her hair everywhere! Maybe the change of puppy to adult coat could be the culprit.

Thanks for all of your insight.
Pain might be too strong a word, but imagine constant discomfort if you itched all the time! Contact allegies are often seen with itchy feet and sometimes belly. What kind of kibble are you feeding her? If her food has any corn, wheat or soy, you might try a food with none of those ingredients as they are the three most common food allergens.

Charlie never shed much either until just a few weeks ago. Now I'm starting to see more "fur fly", but he's not itchy from it. I don't think shedding would cause a "chronic" itchiness.
Ginny has the same problem. She just seems to be itchy all the time. Sometimes she bites at her leg and whimpers a little and she scratches at her neck a lot. I had been feeding her Purina Puppy Chow because that's what she had been eating with the breeder. I'm starting to make the switch to Nutro now as it was recommended to me because it has more oil in it. I really don't think it is fleas because we have very few flea problems here in Colorado. I've heard Corgi's can be prone to dry skin. Is this true? Are there any supplements that you've tried that might help dry skin?
I just got a Corgi puppy and she is so super itchy, she has these scab like marks on her chest and belly they are all red, I feel so bad for her I have bathed her and tried to sooth the itch but nothing seems to help, I have a vet appt on monday hopefully I will get her some relief.; I feed her wellnes puppy food , I never had a pup before so Im not sure what is a good food for her. Any body have any tips.. Thanx
Sounds like this girl has a staph infection. Your vet will be able to tell you for sure. I would be willing to bet the environment she came from was a bit less then pristine. I suspect she has had issues with fleas recently. I think you are right on track going to a vet. I would not only have her skin checked but do a complete wellness exam. The food you are feeding is a good one. It does take time for a dogs system to respond to a good diet. Good luck and hope your new pup is healthy again soon.
Thank you Sam, I will let you all know what I find out today!!

My Corgi had the same problem. We were constantly taking him to the vet to see if they could figure it out. He was just like your puppy...he would scratch under his belly all the time. The itching didn't start until after a month being done with his shots...the puppy stuff. At first it was mild, the itching and redness. Every time we took him to the vet they would run new tests on him. The first time the said try changing his shampoo and food. So we did that and it was still there so they gave us some meds and they helped for a little bit but then it came back but much worse. Then the vet did further tests for infections but nothing would always come up. He assumed then it was an allergy to something...maybe the grass or plants where we live...so we tried switching his food again and new meds and once again it would go away for like three months and then come back much worse. It was getting WAY too expensive so we ended up having to give  him away to a family that could afford the treatment he would need possibly for the rest of his life. In the end the vet had no clue but most likely it was something in the plants near our place. We found out that our complex gets a chemical spray in the grassy areas where all the dog owners take their dogs to play and do their business. In the end we were heart broken we had to let him go and that this was the cause most likely of his skin condition. Just be aware of where you are taking your dogs...if the grass is being treated chemically. The gardner/landscaper once told my husband to not take the dog to the grass in the complex because they spray it a lot.We are currently looking into getting another Corgi in the near future...we miss having him around :( and so do our kids :(  :(


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