I am curious to find out how long does the blowing of a coat last? The minute it began to warm up, POW, tufts are coming out everywhere. I am brushing daily with a tooth comb to maintain. I know corgi's shed all the time, but I am wondering how long the actual "blowing coat" lasts?

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What the heck is a blowing coat. Daisy has cowlicks on her back if that's what you mean. It's funny cause it's a stubborn cowlick even after baths it doesn't go down. On day I smoothed it down all nice and pretty when she was still wet and 2 seconds later and shook all over and it was back WORSE than ever!
Hi Monica, I do know what you mean by a blowing coat. It is pretty much how my dogs are 10 months of the year. You can sit and pick the little tufts of hair that stick out of them for hours and hours, and never really make much progress...See my discussion, shedding part 2, for pics of Augie fur from just a regular grooming session. Buy a furminator, put on a good movie, and groom your life away. The other activity that goes with this is vacuuming,,,buy a good one, you'll need it!!!!
Brynn has yet to do this blowing of the coat , I'm VERY afraid ...
Corgis are one of a few breeds that shed year-round, plus "blow coat" twice a year. Usually in the Spring and again in the Fall they shed (or blow) their thick undercoat. Depending on the dog, these major blow outs can last up to two weeks. The length of time and amount of fur is largely determined by the dog's genetics and thickness of the undercoat.

I brush Charlie everyday for his normal puppy shedding, and we have yet to experience his first major blow. My last dog had the same double coat with two blows a year. I found that a warm bath and blow drying (outside) in addition to the brushing helped loosen more of the undercoat. It is still up to a two week process. You can spend an hour grooming one day and the next day they look like you have never brushed them their whole life. LOL

This owner let her dog's coat go past the tufting normal with a "blow" just to illustrate. Looks like the dog has a skin or coat disease, doesn't it?
Chris - Checked out those photos , all that fur on the ground ! Now in fetal position rocking back and forth .
LOL You cracked me up! Well, that Corgi owner did say she let her dog go without daily maintnenance just to illustrate blowing coat. It should be somewhat better when you brush every day. (Although I had a non-dog owning friend come visit once when my last dog was blowing coat. He looked at me in disdain and said, "You really need to brush your dog." He had no idea that I had been brushing everyday. We were just in mid-"blow" He thought I was neglecting my dog.
Thanks for the pictures, Chris!! What a hoot!! I compared Augie to the National Geographic shedding buffalo in the last discussion. Not so much of an exaggeration now, is it, my corgi people........Be careful putting them in the tub in this stage, it will plug up the drain. I went to one of those self dog wash places once. The hair was drifting out under the door. That room was a hideous mess when I left. Worth every penny to let them clean up after us.
What's cool is that your car gets the benefit of all that hair too!! 1/2 inch thick layer of fur on the floor, will wait for another week or so before I get the vacuum to that.

Last year I started using a salmon oil supplement and vitamin e. It really helped, but not enough that anyone unfamiliar with the breed would notice. LOL
Open the windows, and let the hair fly out while driving very fast!! Funny, there's always some you didn't see left over from cleaning the car...
During the "blow-out" season I spend a lot of time grooming outside. We leave behind little --big piles of hair in the yard. It is kinda fun to pull the tufts out. My daughter and I will try to see who can get the biggest fluff tuft. Now that is a sad commentary on my ability to be entertained! If you ask me..Corgis are the best breed ever...even with the shedding. Be even better if we could find a market for the the end result of our grooming. Carol...you were going to work on that..did you get anything figured out?
I am thinking of real-fur corgis, like those creepy real fur cats I've seen in gift shops. Sounds very time intensive, though.....
Before we got Rolo, my husband's answer to everything I asked him was "A corgi puppy."

"What do you want for your birthday?" .... a corgi puppy
"What do you want for christmas?" ...a corgi puppy
"Guess what I found while sweeping the house?"

"A corgi Puppy???" he asked with a big grin.

He wasn't kidding... In my dustpan was enough for another whole DOG. "Yes, I replied... here's your corgi puppy... careful...he sheds..."

So far Rolo hasn't shed much, but Sadie has already started her spring blow. Forget the broom on my hardwood floors... i think I'm going to have a blow out, myself...

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