Any suggestions training a corgi when it is ok to bark and when it is not. Max is barking at everything. When he hears a noise(all the time), when we are eating and he wants some(not allowed), when he wants to play on his terms. When we tell him "no bark" he gets more aggressive. We start Kidnergarden tomorrow, so maybe that will help. Just thought I would see if any of you have had success with a specific technique.

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Hey Sam, we use the "stand up and ignore" method. I would stop what i was doing, stand up and face the opposite direction of my dog, then when he realize that barking will not get my attention, calmed down or in a sit position, I would resume what i was doing.

If it's noise related, say a blender, vaccum, I would put him in a sit or lay down position, have someone else turn on the vaccum, if he's calm and not pay attention to the vaccum, he's rewarded with a treat, as long as his eyes are on me, he gets a good boy and a treat. Try it and see how it goes, it may not work for a few days, but keep practicing, it worked for me :)
Thanks Sam, I'll give it a try. The vaccum is a big deal, he goes crazy barking when that thing is going.
I like Mr. Spray Bottle for excessive barking. I give the command "no bark" once. Second time is a quick spray in the face. Not harmful but does give them a redirection quickly. If Max is barking at you begging I would either crate him at that time or give him a specific space to be in. Many corgis learn to control their owners by barking at them. They learn quickly how to get what they want if we cave in to the command. Regarding the vacuum cleaner I find it best to put my dog on lead and correct the behavior. They learn to vacuum with me. Ends the barking quickly when I can make these corrections immediately.
I had a friend tell me she used the spray bottle on her littl yorkie for barking. I'm getting some good ideas here, thank you.
They are little control freaks aren't they? My corgi barks at me when she wants to play (which is all the time). I tried turning the other direction and ignoring her but it didn't help. The spray bottle works wonders though...all I have to do is pick it up and she quits barking. I have only had to spray her with water one time.

As for barking at noisy appliances, she goes ballistic whenever I turn on the blow dryer or the hand mixer. When I am blow drying my hair in the bathroom, she barks and throws herself against the door trying to get in. After about 30 seconds, she just lies down next to the door and waits. I have tried to cure her of the habit but no progress. Maybe I'll bring the spray bottle with me into the bathroom.
I'm liking the spray bottle idea more and more lol. Max doesn't mind the hair dryer. He usually gets a chewie toy and lays at my feet when I'm doing my hair and stuff.

Max used to try to initiate play time by barking at us. He doesn't do that as much anymore. What he does do is bark at us with a toy at our feet if he's not done playing after we have initiated it. Or he'll start biting at our feet. He still bites pretty hard too, it's hard not to react when those little teath are dug in. We're working on that area as well.

Thanks for the ideas.
I tried the "ignore" method with Charlie too...until I almost went deaf. LOL It probably is the best method to try first, but Charlie just wanted to bark until he was done regardless if I was ignoring him or not. I've also never used a spray bottle for any training, not that it's a bad Plan B.

If you need a Plan C, use Max's barking as a good reason to teach him the commands "Speak!" and "Quiet!". When he starts barking, look at him like he's done something good and say "Speak! Max, Speak!" After a couple barks say, "Good Speak! Now Quiet!" If he barks, say in a softer slightly less happy voice, "Good Speak." Upbeat again, "Quiet!" When he does not bark for a couple seconds say "Good Quiet!". Treats for doing the right thing always help. ; - ) That's what finally worked with Charlie. When we started though, he'd be barking his head off and I'd say "Good Speak! Charlie, Speak!". He'd get really quiet and look at me like "Huh?" Well it accomplished the purpose anyway. LOL
to to teach him to bark on command. when he gets that say no bark . when he stops give him a treat. i never give a reward exept the ocasional go dog when he barks because i dont want him to think bark, treat but when they quiet when you say no bark fuss over him with treats and lots of god dogs, that is what worked for my dogs.
I thought of using the technique of "speak & quiet" as well. I read that in a book. My problem is that my husband works odd hours and he's in bed early in the evening. If Max starts on one of his barking fits I usually try to find a way to stop him as quickly as possible. Not much has worked so far, so I may try the speak & quiet method. I'm curious to see how Max will respond after he has been told no bark so far. I'm sure I'll get a little "tippy head" reaction at first.

Thanks for the ideas.
I liked Sam's reply a lot. We do the stand and ignore when Rolo gets too rambunctious and bitey.

My husband didn't like the idea that I taught him to Speak on the command "Tell me"... because Rolo has such a high pitched bark and it's a little annoying... but there was a method to my madness. I wanted to teach them that there was a time to bark and a time to not bark.

He got "Tell me" really quickly. So quickly in fact that I have long since stopped food treating for "Tell me" because he enjoys doing it so much, the simple praise is good enough now. The trick is pretty cute. He can respond to "Do you love momma? Tell me!" "You need to go out? Tell me!"... you get the idea... :)

Now we are working on "Quiet" in conjuction with "Tell Me".

I'll give the command to Tell me and he barks. I tell him good boy. He barks again and I say "QUIET!" and use a palms down hand motion and sweep each outward to accentuate the command. Before he gets a chance to respond, I treat him and say "Good boy QUIET" and we go again. After a while he realized he got treats for being quiet, not for barking.

The object of this is to get him to go Quiet with just the hand motion. He's doing really well; unless of course there is really something to bark about... hearing someone in the yard or Sadie gets him going by barking at a car pulling up outside. Those are things I would rather they bark about though.

To calm them down after this, I use another phrase, "Thank you" and "it's okay" so they know it's okay to "Tell me" but once I know about it, "It's Okay" that they STOP telling me! :)
Thank you, I'll try some of these tricks. I've been trying the "good speak" method and he's not quite sure what to think, he just looks at me for a minute and then barks again, but then he stops. I have verbally rewarded him for "quiet" but not with treats yet, I'll try that too. He starts kidnergarden tonight so we'll see how he does.
Mochi barks at peole expecially when they are at the door. She'll bark at sudden noises and have people next door in their back yard.

When we turn on the vaccuum, i just put her in the kitchen and she just lays there and watches me.
The ignoring thing really helps becuase she used to attack the Roomba like crazy, but now she just sits and watches it or completely ignores it.


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