1 year old male welsh corgi needs a good home in southwest missouri area.

We live in Joplin Missouri and since the tornado we have had a hard time finding a place for my little male corgi. He is bouncing from house to house and needs a yard and a loving family. Everyone rental place we have found does not accept pets. We do not want to get rid of him AT ALL, but i have nowhere for him at this time. He is good with kids (I have 2 and 5 year old boys). He is also good with other dogs. Very playful, housebroken, and has gotten out of the puppy phase of chewing up my shoes (haha). Very loving dog, if anyone knows of someone that will love him as much as we do please let me know. I also crate him, and that is included to his new owners.


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I'm in Tx and I would take him and give him back when your ready, or i can give him a new home. And you wouldn't need to pay food and vets, I can take care of that. I would also keep you updated with pictures. I think Im 8 hrs away, I would be willing to meet half way.

HI Chrissy, I'm in Atlanta.  I know it's far from MO, but we've been looking to add a young male corgi to our family. We have a spayed, female Pembroke, "Bella," that's almost 2 yo.  I emailed you at your personal email...chrisse2112@yahoo.com with all of my information.  Someone in an earlier post is suggesting that this email address for you could be wrong???  If so, let me know and I'll resend my note to you from this morning. My husband and I are willing to drive to at least Memphis, to pick him up if that helps. I'm happy for you to contact me.  I left my phone number in the note this morning.  Here's my email address..elinsleyhome@bellsouth.net. We have a really good home for your little boy. I look forward to hearing from you!


BENTLEY HAS A NEW FAMILY!!!   I have gotten TONS of emails today! I am sorry for the slow response but i go to school full time and have 2 small children and i do not get online until i have them home and settled in the evenings.. He is going to a very nice lady in Kansas City whose teenage boys will love him. I want to thank everyone again for helping me find my boy a great home!


YAY! I'm so glad!!!



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