We've been talking quite a lot here about the things our corgis do to make us upset or angry, but what does he/she do that just melts your heart or makes you crack up?

I love how Bruce, my corgi/elkhound mix, sometimes sleeps, right on his back with all four paws up in the air. I love how he "talks" in these soft little grunts. I laugh whenever he does what I call "carpet shark", where he pulls himself forward with his front paws while flat on his belly, like he's in stealth mode.

I love how Sidney, the Pembroke puppy, sings in his little wookie voice when we come home. I love it when he fraps. It makes me laugh when he steals something...I have to go retrieve it from him but Is still laugh at his thieving ways.

I think it's so cute how both of them sometimes lay down with their back paws out behind them like a lizard sunning on a rock.

So, what about you guys?

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i love the way Mini makes this little noise only when i come home. she makes other noises for Lexi & Keith but mine is totally different. i also love the way she runs like a bat out of you know what with 2 toys in her mouth cause she couldn't decide which one to get. i love the way she lays down with both legs straight out behind her. i love when i talk to her she stares into my eyes and "REALLY" listens to me...even if she does the opposite. i love everything about my little Mini! i wouldn't change her at all....i would just be happy with no more scratches from her tiny teeth all over my hands..ha ha
gotta LOVE these dogs! they aim to please....
I love the way Rusty wrinkles his forehead, looks at me with those Precious Moments eyes and jumps up and down with his front feet when I tell him to get back after he has dropped whatever we are playing with at my feet. He always gives me a heroes welcome when I walk in the door (even if I was only outside for a few minutes). I also love the arroooo arroooo sound he makes when he is trying to tell us something.
I love when he just wakes up and I try to take him out...and he's practically sleepwalking. I swear it takes him 10 minutes to wake up! Maybe his Indian name could be "Sleepwalking Bear" :)
Besides just EVERYTHING my Shayleigh does, I'd have to say that my favorite is when she is playing with other dogs or with our kitties. She seems to think that a good approach to "fighting" is to stand in front of her playmate and stick her little knub in their face. If they don't respond to that she'll stand beside them and butt bump them in the face. It's totally adorable.
I love how Freya makes her wookie sounds when I come home and let her out of her crate. I love how she stretches and immediately plops superman style on the floor. I love how she sleeps belly up and how she and our Weim sometimes cuddles together. I love how she follows me into the bathroom (which weird, I know, I have toy to play fetch with her otherwise the Weim will take the ball and destroy it.) I love how some mornings she will let me sleep in, instead of her barking at me to feed her--which I guess she's aware that the weekdays are important for her to get food asap so she can potty otherwise, I'll be cleaning a mess. I love how she fraps. I love how she's not biting me anymore--woot! I love how she looks like she's listening, but secretly I am wondering if she's trying to work me for some treats. I love how she's starting to follow me now. I love when she's my cuddle butt. I just love my little girl.
That is so sweet! :-)
Zoe "talks" to me when I come home, and gently leads me to her dish. She loves sleeping on her back and being rubbed on her tummy. When we get to the dog park the first thing she does is go up to each individual there for a pat on the head and then she plays with the dogs. We call her "The Mayor". She loves playing with the hose, tried to bring it into the house many times. Also pushes the exercise ball around like it's a herd of sheep.


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