Last saturday I got my first corgi. He's 8 months old and I have a few questions on some stuff that I'm not really sure about. He's pretty well behaved. Decent on the leash. He'll walk beside me but always just a little in front of me. Not ideal but for his 3rd day with me I cant complain. He likes to climb on my lap when i'm on the floor and lick my face and i totally let him because hes too sweet not to. But when hes standing up and I go to put his leash on he puts his ears back and looks kinda scared. But I kneel down and he sits and I hook him up and we're good to go. I'm very gentle with him, but also calm/assertive. Is it too soon in our relationship to be stern with him? I want him to love me AND be disciplined. Maybe I'm dreaming haha. Also occasionally he'll be out in the yard with me and I'll look at him and he gives me the out of the corner of his eye semi-scared look. I try not to stare at him because I know that can be intimidating. I just want him to feel comfortable. Other than that hes the best dog. On walks there are MANY other dogs in yards behind fences that run up barking their heads off at us and he stays right next to me and doesnt miss a beat. Heck most of the time he doesnt even look over at them.i'm just looking for some experienced insight. Thanks -

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Sorry this was actually my post. I didnt notice my girlfriend was still logged in!
I think after time and the great care you are giving him, he will become more and more comfortable and attached to you. I think you need to be assertive from the start or it will be harder to become the pack leader later on. I had a dog for a long time before Kara, a lab, and we never trained her assertively enough, she was so out of control. So with Kara we are loving yet stern from the get go so that she will be a much better behaved pet. Katie got so crazy with her pulling and jumping and stuff that we even had babysitters quit! He may still be a little leary but he will warm up when he realizes what a great home her has.
Ears pull back can also mean submission, my Vienna does that whenever I pet her, it doesn't necessary mean she's scared of you. Exercise, Discipline then Affection.
Ears pulled back on my Bailey defintely means submission. he does it when he sees anyone walking pass him, and to me when i come home and reach to pet him,.. like a "i give up, i love you, please pet me, i wanna play with you" etc look. hahaha =D
Sounds like you are doing many of the right things. It is not unusual for a corgi that may be uncertain or have some fear issues to respond this when when approaching them from above. We have seen many corgis come in to rescue with this same issue. I would always try to call him to you when considering going for a walk. Let him know what is going to happen before you attempt to attach the lead to his collar. Most learn very quickly that reaching for their collar is ok. Encourage new folks that he meets to allow him to sniff them before reaching to pet him. Some dogs lack confidence and some dogs are aloof and dont particularly enjoy being approached from the top. I do own another breed that feels much this way about folks he doesnt know. Keep up the good work! Sounds like you are going to have a fine pal.
Ok cool thanks for the feedback. Having a corgi is so much fun!!!!
Ears back and averting gaze is definitely submission. He's seeing you as a dominant figure. And of course he'll be a bit unsure of you sometimes as you are with him since you two are just getting use to each other. If you play games, do some bonding he'll look at you more I'm pretty sure. His ears pulling back will probably always stay. All my dogs do that to me when I pet them, but they aren't scared, just submissive. I've had many breeds as well, labs, shepherds, corgis, borzois. Our previous corgi was so submissive towards all of us. He had the ultimate respect for all of us and always had his ears back when around us, but he was never frightened, always wanted to be petted and gave kisses and such. My Eowyn is terribly submissive as well. If you just look at her, her ears go back and she gets all wiggly.

About being stern, I would be firm and gentle from day one. Even though he probably already sees you as the dominant figure, it wouldn't hurt to keep reminding him that. That's a very good sign that he stays next to you and ignores the barking dogs. Both our dogs do that now. It's a lot better than having a dog charging the dogs behind the fence and barking. Staying next to you is very good.

He's sounds like a very awesome dog. Good luck with him!
a dog pulls its ears back in submission towards its human owners. All my dogs have done that. Even if I look at them they put their ears back and wag their tail and then roll over like 'Rub my belly.' If they were scared of you, you would know it. my previous dog was a foster corgi and he was SOOO submissive towards humans. He would never put his ears up around me, but he wasn't scared. I mean like he put his ears up when I said 'do you want to go for a walk?' or when he was waiting for 'come on!' to come on the couch (he never jumped on it without permission) or if he was waiting for a cuddle or a pet!

the side ways look I think is very typical. My twin's corgi does it all the time when she is too lazy to lift her head if she's sniffing the ground to look at us. Dogs also exhibit the same behavior if they are scared but if he gives you licks and love, sounds too me like he's just submissive - Especially if he walks that well on the leash! You would definitely know if you were doing the wrong thing. Sounds too me like you're doing exactly what you are suppose to ;-) good luck!
AWESOME! Thats very reassuring. As this is my first dog of my own, I'm a little unsure sometimes as to his reaction to things. Also, I just got him last saturday so I'm sure hes just as unsure about his new situation than I am. I see improvements in him everyday so thats very good. Thanks again everyone!


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