What are your corgi names? and their nick names?

My corgis are Mocha and Vienna, we named them after coffee drinks, vienna is actually a blend of turkish coffee :)

Nick names:
harry butt, bunny butt, miss fatty, mocha latte, frappochino, vienna sausage, fat rabbit, double mint twins (when they're together)

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My girl is Maggie I call her Magpie, Mags, or Maggiepie. Max my male is called Maxie Pooh Bear,Maxie Man, or my little man. They are both called my babies or the kids or pups, then there are a few rare moments when thet are known as the brats, and Max is bark boy.But they always come when there is food,
Griffin is called, variously, Griff, Griff Griff, Snorky, Snork, Flupper (Dog), Fluffer (Dog), Pup Pup, Pooper, Pooper-Do and of course, BAD DOG, when the time requires it!
Her name is Chewie. :) I'd like to think that there are two origins for her name.
1) Chewbacca
2) This super delicious chewy-twisted doughnut found in South Korea called "Chewisty"

She's still young so I'm sure we'll have more nick names in the future but at the moment they are:
1) Chewieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (the second syllable exclaimed in a tone two notes higher than the first syllable)
2) Chewie Choo-choo! You must pump your hand in the air twice like a train conductor.
3) Che-che-che-chewie! (as in Chia-pet: Chi-chi-chi-chia!)

Little Pig is working it's way in there, lol.
Bear doesn't have as many nick names as terms for his actions. When he wakes us up in the morning he's being a blarm. When he's fraping in the living room it's a bearapaloza. When he follows you into the bathroom he's the poop supe. (My boyfriend works construction.)

I think we're not very original with actual nick names. He's Mr. Bear or fuzz butt.
We have a Molly too.. we also call her Mols. A friend of mine started calling her "Molly Molly sis boom bolly" and it stuck. She's also Molly Belle when she's in trouble... and my brother calls her "Stubbo", which is probably my favorite.

Her pup is Luna... She goes mostly by Luna Belle, or Luna Tuna... or Loonie, sometimes, Scoopie or other random words that come out on their own. She started life as Picasso and sometimes I will hear myself calling her Caso Paso.

When they're together it's "girls" or "kids".
Christmas Joy is her paper name. Kids call her JoyBob because she is a sponge for FOOD. HOLY CRAP FOOD.
I named him "Caius", mostly because of how unique it sounds. It means "rejoiceful" in Latin. My boyfriend immediately liked the name because apparently "Cai" is his favorite character in one of his favorite books!

His nicknames: Cai, Cai-Cai, Buddy, Cai-Bean.
After a night of good decisions at the pub, we named our corgi Vesper after the Casino Royale Bond girl. Got to say, we love the name and call her little else, although when she was a bite-y/snooty puppy, my husband would occasionally address her as "Demon Spawn," and she responds to "Acolyte," which came about for those strong morning pack behaviours.



She also answers to:  Molly Moo, Moo Girl, Moose, Moo, Mooch... I guess that's sort of it.  I say weird crap.  She has associated the "Moo" sound with having to do with her.  lol

Nimh is the sable fluffy...He goes by The Tick (he's ALWAYS at my side), Nimhers, or Young Man.

Teri is the blue merle with a blue eye.  Her nickname is Best Girl.

Annie is the other blue merle with the fruit bat ears....her nickname is Annie Fannie.

My corgi is named Kato. He is named after Bruce Lee because he is spunky. Well all corgis are!

Nicknames include: Buddy, Bunny Butt

Corgi's name:  Jake  nickname Jake-a-roo


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