Cheez-it has some straggling fleas, he is on advantage and has been biting behind his legs the last 3 days. I checked him but it is really hard if not impossible with his puppy fur to see his skin. I found 3 little marks, that look sort of like healing pimples on his back leg, one has a little black head to it. It doesnt look like a living thing, but could it be a tick? I check him for fleas everyday, and my house is treated and so is my yard, but there is no avoiding the fleas as we live near the beach that has many feral cats and such. He gets chewing and will not stop no matter what I say/do. What should I do? and how do I know if that blackhead is a tick?? Im going to make him a cone this evening out of corrugated viynal sheeting so he will at least stop chewing for the time being.

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Oh my, that looks like scabies! My cat Lazarus had them when he was a kitten. It was terrible and both my mom and I got them. After a skin scraping and a trip to our family doctor we found out for sure what it was.

The only way to treat it is through the vet. Also if you find yourself to get these spots I suggest you see your doctor as well. You will get a RX cream that you have to put on from shoulders to toe. You'll need to wash your sheets and bug bomb the apartment/house to get rid of them for sure.
Well, that picture is of a person with several Tick bites. So I think we are scabie free! (Whew..!) He is not so bitey now that he is dusted with Gold Bond but he really hates his cone. He just stands there against something like a statue.
Frontline spray is available but is an Rx. You can buy it at the Banfield vet inside PetSmart.
it could be a tick if the tick's body got disconnected from Cheez-it while he was still sucking and its head got stuck in there...but i would assume you would see some blood too from the tick being split in probably fleas?
Hopefully Cheez-it's bites will clear up in the next couple days. That would be a great thing! The only down-side to home treating is that you may never know whether it was flea bites, tick bites, ant bites, etc.

Charlie had a small dry scab under his arm a few weeks ago which I combed off and it didn't bleed. A few days later, he had a slightly larger furless patch in the same spot with about three scabs. I bathed the area, then swabbed him twice a day everyday for 7 days with an antibacterial/anitmicrobial solution and then applied a topical antifungal cream. The area stopped spreading, no additional scabs, and now the fur is starting to grow back. Different from what's "eating" Cheez-it, Charlie was not chewing, scratching or showing any other discomfort with the area. I'll never know what the scabs were from since I treated him at home (downside). Very happy they went away though (upside).

Keep us posted on Cheez-it. Hope he improves soon!
The bumps on his back sound like something Kirby had when he came home with us, he had three little spots on his tummy that looked like little pimples. I was worried about them but turned out he had gotten into some ants and they soon scabbed over and healed up. I agree that this doesn't sound like a tick, typically even if you have never seen a tick on an animal before you know when you see one - they are very noticable (and gross!). It is typical to have fleas on dogs who go outside a lot, especially in heated climates, but once they bite the dog if you have advantage on them they will die off. Hope Cheez-it feels better soon!
Thanks Adam&Brittany, that actually makes me feel alot better because there are ants outside my yard. The chewing is still horrible, the Gold-Bond is helping alot (Thanks sam) and the flea comb worked for the one flea I found. I imagine that he is either allergic to fleas, and when they/it bit him he broke out, or he got into some ants (poor thing). I had to take his cone off to kennel him this afternoon and when I came back his chewy-butt looked more chewed, mabye it could be my imagination. I didnt think it would be safe in the kennel with a e-collar on. I'm hesitant to leave him along even in a back bedroom with his cone on.
Poor baby! Yeah I was really worried when we first noticed the bumps on Kirby, luckily he didn't pay much attention to them and they healed up pretty quick. Good luck!
If you think flea or ant (any-ole-bug) bites might be a recurring problem with Cheez-it, you might look at investing in a Bite-Not collar. They are very expensive, but look much easier for the dog to wear and particularly to sleep in.

Seems to me like you could improvise a similar collar with a couple of cut-up drink Koozies or foam from the craft store, secured with a velcro strap or maybe a buckle collar over the top to hold it together.
I dont think it will be a recurring thing, just a one time occurance hopefully. Im still not sure what got him. He isnt really chewing "That" bad, but I would hate for the problem to escalate. I saw the bite-not collar, I may get one if this ever happens again.
I hope for your and Cheez-it's sakes that this is just a one-time thing! Is he doing better today?
Hugs to the Big Cheez! I'm no vet, but CorgiMom and I put together a concoction we found online and it's helping the bugs and itchies a good bit.

Peppermint Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Eucalyptis Oil
Chamomille Oil
Lavender Oil
Vitamin E
Camphor Oil

Mix a few drops of each in a small spray bottle with water (or witch hazel). Shake well before using. Spray the Cheez. The peppermint, tea-tree are great anti-itch and anti-bacteria. Chamomille and lavender are soothing, as well as is the Vitamin E. The camphor is a good healer as is the euclalyptis. It's done wonders for all the kids and eased the itching.


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