My boyfriend and I recently went on vacation for about 5 days and while we were gone Zephyr stayed with my best friend. We've been back for two days and I don't know what's up with Zephyr! She's acting completely strange. She's taken to laying around all day, she isn't actively eating, and she GROWLS at everything when it gets close to her!

My friend had let Zephyr sleep in her bed, and she said that Zephyr did fine, so we decided to let her try in ours. She slept fine except for when Sean would roll over and Zephyr would growl at him! Eventually she did this so loudly that I put her in her pen so we could sleep. During the day she's growling at the cats everytime they walk by! She's never done that before!

I'm really worried about her not eating. She'll eat bites of kibble if we feed them from hand, but when we show her the bowl of food she just kind of sniffs it and walks away. I took her on a walk and she seemed fine during, active and engaged with the environment and me.

Could it just be that being at my friend's house spoiled her and she has to get used to being unspoiled?

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If this is a drastic change to her normal personality I would be making a vet appointment.
Did your friend feed her food other than her regular food? That might explain the sudden change in appetite. Sounds like Zephyr is getting possessive and territorial, is she fixed by any chance? She might need to re-establish pack order in the house.
Growling in the sleep is the weirdest thing...Wyatt does it too. I will be sleeping and if I roll over or make the slightest movement he growls or even barks...its almost like he has no control over it. Almost like a baby being woken up crying. It is strange.
Sounds like Wyatt needs to lose his bed privilages. Typically this is one of the first signs of possessiveness in a dog. A dog that will growl when another approaches something he places ownership of is giving a warning. If warnings do not work it will escalate (the bark you are now hearing) often times to a bite if the behavior is not redirected now. I suspect if you start paying close attentions to his behavior you will see he is showing some possessiveness of other objects/places too. It may start with something as insignificant as a stiff body standing over something. Sounds like Wyatt needs to be taken down a few notches and ear all good things that come to him. Do some research on NILF....this could be most helpful to you


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