My corgi used to put his legs out behind him when he would lay down. after he got neutered he wouldn't do it any more. i saw other corgi's doing the same thing, putting their legs out. So I want to know if its just my corgi!

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Neutering didn't seem to make a difference for ours. Even Dundee, whose neuter was anything but normal, still lies with his legs behind him. Would be interested to know if anyone else has had this issue and what precluded it.
Both of mine lay with their legs behind them. Almost anytime they lay on their bellies it's with legs behind them. Sometimes when Macsen is laying that way and sits up from that position he still keeps his legs back
My Corgi lays on her stomach, with her legs straight behind her and her back toes are curled so her toe nails stick in the carpet or the dirt or whatever she is laying on. We call it her Frog Legs when she does that :) I think it's a corgi/dog thing. I always get a kick out it.
I really think it is a Corgi thing to do. Though Roxi does it but crosses her legs at the same time so we call her "Turkey Dog" :)

I also tell people that proper ladies keep their legs crossed LOL

but yes.. I think just like the sleeping on the back, most of them "Turkey Dog"
yep, turkey legs all the way - it's the "flying corgi!!" and by the way, my boy is neutered.
Ein does it all the time, as does his "uncle" (my SO's father's corgi). Both are neutered. It seems to be a classic corgi pose: the tuning fork. :)
After JC was neutered he did not lay his legs out behind him for a day or so, but he is back to his frog legs.
We call 'em Frog legs and Cooper does it more so than Norton. As a matter of fact, I don't know if I've ever seen Norton do it. He's a big boy (not fat, long and very muscular) and Cooper is petite, so maybe Norton's size has to do with it. Or maybe he's never done it and doesn't know how good it feels.

The best thing that Cooper does with his legs though, is when he's happy and laying on his back, he'll do what we call the "cabbage patch". He'll take his front legs and try to make them meet (they're up in the air) and then move them from his face to chest really fast like he's dancing. Then he starts the grunting. So stinking cute that boy!
Pistol will lay on his belly, but only put one leg looks really weird!
My Devo still lays with his legs out straight in back - we call it the Flying Squirrel when their front legs go out straight, too. All they need is a little cape and some wind action! It didn't seem to change when he was neutered. Was he recently neutered? He may still be healing, and will resume The Pose when he's all healed up. Hope so - it's awfully cute!
A bit out of topic, but I'm curious - how about corgis with undocked tail? How do they manage the "flying squirrel" position? Do they have their tails between the legs or what?
Maribeth - love that "flying squirrel" we always thought Kai was pretending to be one of those "bear rugs" in a safari lodge or something. I just posted a shot of Kai doing the infamous pose the other day. Luna, being the "lady" she is, sleeps the other way - legs UP in the air, all four of 'em!


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