Cruise has been eating Wellness Just for Puppy brand food for the past 3+ months. He usually eats like a vaccuum cleaner! I started a new bag the other day and he won;t touch it. I was concerned he was not feeling well so I gave him a dog problem there he ate it. I added pineapple to his food (I do occasionally so that the 2 corgi's don't eat their poo) and he ate just the pineapple. This morning I tried again..he did not touch it. So I gave him a bowl of Tiki's food and he devoured it. Stupid question, but have you ever heard of a "bad" bag of dog food?

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Thanks! Tiki, who is 20 months old is very finicky!...I've tried many foods...she has already liked the Merrick brand foods but when the Merrick B.G. (before grain) food came out a few months ago I started her on that...she seems to like it. ( )
Yeah, could be a bad bag? I mean they can't taste it for quality control so who knows if something slipped in.... but Wellness has a satisfication guarantee for everything they sell, so just bring it back to the store, and buy another bag (hopefully) without the same lot information/expiration date?
with his monster paws skipping a few meals is not big deal ;) hee hee
lol i know huh! =P
yes, check the expiration date.
It's a new bag...they recently changed their bag style, only in the past couple of it definitely is new.
I recently made a mistake by not checking the expiration date on a bag and bought it and feed it to my dogs, they were sick and had diarrhea because of it. Don't trust the store to do the job for you.
how old is cruise? I remember when Scout started teething he wasnt really that into food because it hurt his teeth i guess, which didnt stop him from chewing on biscuits and such but yeah, its possible that his teeth hurt depending on his age
same here. bailey is in full teething mode now and hes a little more picky. he prefers i break down his duck and potato biscuit treats into bite size bits instead of giving him the entire bisuit. also, im noticing it takes him longer to finish a meal.

oh yea and his breath is getting worse from the teething. lol. =) im still on the hunt for a tooth, hes ate them all so far.
Dogs seem to know when something is wrong, so I'd do like the others suggested and get a new bag. Good luck! Our SId is on Puppy Wellness and like Cruise, he loves it.
Cruise is 6 months old. He has his adult teeth now...he eats other kibble fine it seems so I just think it's a bad bag of food at this point.
As an FYI...the expiration date on the food is April 9, 2009 so it is not expired. I am bringing back the food today.


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