Layla has a delicate issue. Her poop gets stuck in the fur on her butt. It's really embarrassing for her. I can tell. She hangs her head in shame. What would you do if you had little bits of poop on your butt all the time? Anyway, will a groomer trim her butt fur for me, and will that help?
Also, she is the gassiest dog I know. From both ends. Noisy and smelly. Is this a food issue? It's kind of endearing, but I just hope it's not that her belly hurts.

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I understand,from talking to a groomer awhile back,that he,d seen a lot of that in Corgis.I was surprised,because Kitty has never had that problem.I think I would have a groomer trim her butt hair(like you said).I speculate that it might be the length of the tail stub and hair length.
The gassyness may be the food-what do you feed her?
I feed Taste of the Wild.
Her tail stub is out of the way, but the fur on the sides of her butt, below the tail stub, seems to be longer than Hunter's, and I think that's the problem. Hopefully some grooming will help.
When I brush Cheez-it I brush his rear-thigh hair outwards (away from his butt) and it's so course that it stays that way and doesnt look any different. That is what solved this problem for me, he still steps on his poop alot though....yuck.
Indeed bring her to a groomer, preferably one that has worked with corgis before. Ask that they trim around her "butt" only to give clearance for elimination. Ask that they blend the hair so she doesnt look like she has a baboon butt. I would also suggest changing foods. Typically corgis that frequently soil themselves dont have firm stools. That combined with the gas you speak of tells me this food is not agreeable to her system. Good luck!
Oh yeah, I do recall hearing the faded-butt haircut the "poop chute style".
Molly has this issue from time to time. I laughed out loud when you said that she hangs her head in shame, because our Molly does the same thing! The stool consistency is directly related to their diet. Try switching foods and treats and see if that helps. Your vet might also have some good advice about this. In the meantime, a moist paper towel or baby wipe is your answer, as unpleasant as that may be.

The gas is definitely a food issue. So again, try switching foods--but remember that you generally get what you pay for, and to follow the advice that's out there online. has a decent description of what to look for (both good and bad) in the ingredients listing.
Toby has the same problem. We started giving him Bran cereal and that has really helped. We aslo give them yogurt and it helps with the "gasiness". Good luck! Toby hates it when we have to do a "butt check" and baby wipes to clean him.


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