My pup chews the carpet, but only when he is chewing a toy and he does not do it on purpose. But he accidentally gets some carpet fibers when he chews things that are low to thr ground. Which everything is, including him.

What do I do about this? I have no idea how to approach this one. I do not want to train him to not chew his toys.

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You might want to try spraying on some bitter apple / no bite stuff. We only had to use it twice with Brody... (paw chewing) now we just show him the bottle and he stops!
Well, I use that on his back legs because he gets chewy sometimes. But I couldnt possible cover the whole carpet in it lol. I would let him only chew his toys on the tile but my house is 80% carpet.
that's true, you'd have to buy it by the gallon... I just thought maybe if he associated a small area of the carpet with that taste maybe he would think the whole thing tasted like that? But he's probably too smart for that trick... sorry, no other suggestions. Fortunately the only other thing Brody liked to chew on was his outside tie up. I thought I'd try smearing a little salsa on it, but when he started licking the salsa out of bowl and LOVED IT I knew that wouldn't work! -- guess you don't want to pour salsa on your carpet either.
buy a cheap low pile rug for him to chew on?!?!?!! and designate that rug as the cheez-it chew zone? =P
Oh man, that will take some training! I am hoping as he gets bigger he will just stop. I correct him when I see it, but he's done it since day 1 even with constant correction. He doesnt know he's doing it. The toys he can chew without getting some carpet (plastic balls and such) he could care less about.
maybe when you play with him and his chew toys, you can play a game of tug instead and lift his head off the floor while doing it. then at least for a little bit your carpet will be saved?
Cruise does that when chewing a rawhide chip...he pins it down with his paw and when he bites the end he grabs the carpet. In those cases I've tried several things...mostly #1

1 - put him in the tiled area to chew
2 - taken the chip away
3 - moved the chip an bit...a different angle sometimes helps
4 - be his slave and hold the chip while he chews (jeez...who's training who?)
5 - yelled at him to stop


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