So I was wanting to put my Corgi on Blue Buffalo because I have heard a lot of great things about it. Unfortunately I have to drive about 30 minutes to get to a store that carries it. Anyway, my question is should I buy the puppy food or the adult food for Ein? He is about 6 months old.

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My personal opinion is that you should go ahead and buy the adult food. I feed an "all life stages food" so switching isn't an issue, but have been advised that with Corgis the switch from puppy to adult food should be around six months. Some Corgi breeders even start puppies on the adult. BB is a good quality food so you should be good whichever route you take.
The train of thought seems to be centered on a condition called panosteoitis or pano--young dogs that develop a limp are often diagnosed with this and may be caused by a rapid growth rate. It is an inflamation in the long bone. By switching from puppy to adult food you lower the protein and fat content and in theory you decrease the growth rate. I think there were a couple of good forums in the "Corgi Health" section that could offer more information.
Reguardless of what causes it should corgi owners still wait till the first year of age or not? Six months or a year to switch to adult food, which is best?
We love Blue Buffalo. Molly is currently on the chicken and rice puppy formula. Her coat looks great, she hasn't had any stomach issues, and she loves it. Since switching, I always check ingredients and some of the stuff out there is nasty. I sure wouldn't feed it to my dog. We did buy a bag of their health bars, Molly wouldn't even put it in her mouth.

If you go to their website, they will send you a free sample, and a coupon. You can also sign up for their e-newsletter.

I would go ahead and start the adult food. We are going to switch as soon as her latest bag is gone.

Good luck
do some research on There might be a "better" food that you can actually get closer. Bailey is big for his age (23 lbs at 6 months) and does not do any demanding activites (like agility) that require the extra nutrition from puppy food, and hes nearing 6 months. we're switching to adult after our bag of wellness puppy runs out!
Cruise is 23lbs at 6 months too...i have begun mixing his puppy food w/ adult food...he seesm to like it.
My pup is about 4 months and he eats blue buffalo Chicken (with life bits?). He seems to like it, it is the light/baby blue bag and it is for puppies. I plan to keep him on the puppy food until he is about 9 months or so. But he and I are very very active so the high-energy supporting puppy food works good. (well I guess, I couldnt personally prove otherwise lol)
Tiki used to eat blue buffalo until last year when they pulled it off the shelves just as a precautionary measure because of one of their suppliers would not comply with thier standards(it was never part of the recalls or related to them). However, she hated the life bits...we'd find the food gone and all the life bits spit out around the dish.
Are the "Life bits" the little pepper-corn looking things? I was wondering which one was the food and which was the bits, lol. Cheez-it doesnt care much for those little things either, but he still eats it all though.
The life bits are the ones that look like peppercorns. I have not noticed Lily having a particular preference, but I do mix the dry food in with her moist for her evening meal to make sure that she does eat it all though. It is amazing how they are so 'picky' about the food they eat, but then we are also, aren't we? LOL
We have put Lily on Blue Buffalo and she loves it. We have also put her on the moist and mix the kibble in it for her evening meal. The health bars are her favorite things. We bribe her with them when she will not go back into her kennel at the end of the day. I am really pleased with the food, I think you will be also. Her coat is looking fantastic and she looks so healthy and happy now. Before, on the Science Diet, she just did not look like she felt really good, but now she has so much energy and is just happier, does that make sense? Good luck, I know you will be happy with it.
I have my dog on Blue Buffalo. He loves it! He was on Purina Puppy Chow before, and I noticed his coat wasn't coming in. Then I changed him to Blue Buffalo and suddenly his coat is coming in beautifully! He looks great and he loves it! I would always put my dog on puppy food if he/she is under a year old. It has the right nutrition that a growing puppy needs that adult food doesn't, but that's entirely your choice.


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