I applied Bio Spot on Dexter last night and a minute after applying it when we were on our way out the door for a walk he started running around the house rubbing his head and sides on the floor and carpets as if he knew it was there and was trying to rub it off (he acted this way a little when I tried the Gentle Leader on him).
During the walk he continued to rub on the carpet, sidewalk, and grass (had a little diarrea from the stress)...
I am a little worried about him... he still ate and drank so it didn't affect his appetite. But he seemed to mope a little all evening. In order to keep him from running around the house I kept him in his pen and he just layed there, moping. His late evening walk was not any better (though he didn't have diarrea anylonger)

This morning he seems to be better... still rubbing a little but happy to go out for his morning walk.

Should I bath him to take the Bio Spot off?... Has anyone else had this reaction from their dogs? I think I need to place him on some sort of flea treatment because he has been scratching a lot.

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Once we tried " Sergeant's Gold Flea and Tick Squeeze-On " instead of "Hartz" our regular.
I almost kill my dogs. Put on their back as direction before sleep time, they each have their own crate, about 1 am. my dog calling me for help, it started with my mix retriver frist ,1 hour after my corgi had symtomps.
That was my nightmare. You know dog can not talk.
They got better after I washed the medicine out with mild soap and water.That was about 6 am. For your information.
So with all this Flea talk.... which Flea Rx is best or highly recommended??
It all depends on what your vet recommends, and how well Reese tolerates it. Just ask your vet. For all you know he might not give you a topical flea prescription. You can get a chewable, a pill, a spray. There are more then one ways to kill a flea.
Have any of you ever heard of, or tried, the new chewable tablet? It's called Comfortis (spinosad). It says it kills fleas fast but I don't know how, or if it kills adults only or eggs, etc. I also don't know if it works against fleas only. You are supposed to give them a tablet per month.

I'm happy with Frontline but this sounds intriguing. It's just too new for my taste, unless I start hearing rave reviews here.
Comfortis is still very new, a lot of people are asking their vets about it and wanting to try it. Comfortis claims to kill fleas as short as 30 mins, and kill the egg when it hatches. Sounds like pretty powerful stuff! Also quite expensive, $75 for 6 pills. I'm going to wait, see and hope that I will not use it one day. In the mean time, here are the possible side effect (same goes with any other drugs) and Comfortis website

What side effects might occur with COMFORTIS chewable tablets?
"Like all medications, sometimes side effects may occur. In some cases, dogs vomited after receiving COMFORTIS chewable tablets. If vomiting occurs within an hour of administration, redose with another full dose. During clinical studies, no severe or prolonged vomiting occurred.

Additional adverse reactions observed in the clinical studies were decreased appetite, lethargy or decreased activity, diarrhea, cough, increased thirst, vocalization, increased appetite, redness of the skin, hyperactivity and excessive salivation. These reactions were regarded as mild and did not result in any dog being removed from the studies."
Hee hee "vocalization"! In corgis how will we notice any difference?
I thought the same thing! I just passed right over vocalization because we already got that down well.
Remove the Bio Spot! I tried it once and both the dog and I had severe issues with it. I swear I could taste it for days afterward. I washed everything I knew my dog had touch.
For the most part I want to use a flea comb. I'm only looking at the tropicals as a last resort, like Sam said. If with the flea comb I found too many, or can't control fleas with just that then I'll look into something medicinal.

I have three cats that only had fleas at ONE point in their lives, and I never want to go through that again. Also fleas are strangely attracted to my mom. They eat her up, and I don't want her coming to me saying that Banzai has to go because of the fleas.
I use Nature's Guardian. It says it's (and I quote) "Natural flea shampoo for dogs and puppies. Kills and repels fleas with natural ingredients, Naturally cleans and conditions, Vetrinarian tested, Safe for use around children and pets, Spice Scent." My dogs have reactions other than smelling good and having less fleas. I'm not sure if they still have fleas. They bite themselves like they do, but when I brush them witha flea comb, there's nothing there (we've used the flea comb before and I know it works). I've pulled 5 fleas out of Shelby with the comb before.
Just an update: I gave Dex a bath right when I got home yesterday... a little bit of dawn to take the grease out and Rinsed, Rinsed, Rinsed... giving him an extra long soak.

He was back to his normal puppy self that evening... happy, playful, and bossy. :)
(no more rubbing along the carpets)

Thanks all! I'm going to look into the alternatives.
i haven't had very good luck with any of the otc flea controls. i started my dog chloe on a new flea pill called comfortis about 3 months ago and have had wonderful success with it. its a chewable tablet that you give to them on a full stomache. the most wonderful thing is it lasts for a month and so far has actually worked for the full month. i get it from my vet and it is only about $12 a dose.


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