Ok. Here's the story. This past weekend me and Bailey do what we always do - go have fun! Well this past weekend, we went to Fort Funston (its doggie heaven for city dogs) - lots of offleash grassy and full-of-trees space away from traffic and even a trail down to the beach for some fun in the water. Well.. We were walking along the route, Bailey stopped to play with a couple puppies in the sand, and I hollered "come on lets go" and he ran right over to me like the cutest thing ever. Anyways, as we were walking back to the parking lot later, A woman and her two scottish terriers were walking in the opposite direction. Bailey was lagging a bit, so I said "come on!" and he started trotting forward. Right when we are about to pass the lady with the two terriers, she murmurs "here comes trouble".

Well, my question is - I know she was directing it to us because it was clearly obvious. I did not say anything… and it hurt! Who would think a corgi is MEAN?? I mean his sweet face and all - but not to agree with the terrier-woman, but I have to say that this isn't the first time. We went to another dog park on another weekend and they're shocked Bailey is so nice, sweet, brave and playful. They perceive corgi's to be aggressive (this particular lady had a golden retriever). Everyone (who doesn't own a corgi and knows about the breed) seems to think corgi's are malicious mean barky animals that cause trouble.

Just wondering if anyone else has run across this situation.. Or are these just more or less two isolated cases?

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This guy was very specific. He thought she'd fractured all her feet and damaged the growth plate. I was like "lolwut? Its a corgi."
their loss, our gain! =D if she directed it at bailey... i swear... i wouldve just commented "not as ugly as you are!!!" =X. haha ok. well thatd be my comment in hte heat of the moment.

how rude!
I dislike the mixed breed comments, too. There's nothing wrong with mixies, but people should know that not all corgis are just red and white! ;)
She may not have meant your corgi. Maybe her terriers were terrors!
I have never heard that from someone. I will be as frustrated and angry as you are if someone did say that. One thing that really annoyed me was when I went camping, one of our friends wife (who brought her black lab) said "Small dogs are yappy and annoying" (Thats not word for word, but she was calling small breeds yappy and annoying). She said this right to our face! While her dog couldnt even bark right. It sounded screechy and squeaky (If I heard the dogs bark, I would have thought it was a small dog) We didnt bring Chloe on the trip though so we couldnt show what a great dog she is.
Thanks everyone! I feel better now.. =D. Bailey does too. I took it harder than he did (lol). I forgot to mention is that he didn't even give those terriers the time of day. Bailey usually sniffs out as many dogs as he can - as a friendly hello what-did-you-have-for-breakfast-today sniff, but he just walked pass those terriers like they were invisible. =)

And who doesn't like positive comments! Yesterday we went on our usual walk and someone asked "Is that a corgi? (I think he knew it was a corgi but he just wanted to make small talk) and I said yes. He then proceeds to say….. "I love corgis! They have such wonderful personalities!". That'd put a smile on any corgi' owners face!.. And Bailey's face too!
Well Karen & Bailey ~ Whisper is the ALPHA Female and even though she was raised with other dogs, the older she gets the worse she gets (even though we've been trying to be better). I think I've only had two bad comments about her in eight years. Most of our friends and aquaintences laugh about how bad she is around other dogs and how wonderful she is with humans (& she is the best baby sitter in the world). She will go to a horse show and spend 12 hours in her chair in the announcers stand with me and just keep going all weekend! Anybody who takes the time to get to know a corgi will be in love.
Honestly, I get a lot of surprise that my two Corgis are so nice. My vet adores them, but she is also quick to mention that mine have more socialization than most she meets in the practice; they see people and strange dogs day in and day out, two to four hundred people a day.

I will say that when I got Riley as a placement/rescue at 12 weeks he had the beginnings of a holy terror. He was a biter. A bad biter, and a nasty spoiled little brat already. The people who'd bought him couldn't deal with him or tell him no, and when I brought him home one of the first things he did was hear the word "come" and book like heck in the opposite direction. When you went to get him, he bit.

He made one attempt at it at my house, got a swift and instant correction for the behavior and never tried it again. He wasn't a bad dog, just one that was bright enough to take things into his own paws so to speak - if he bit, he got to do what he wanted. I will say that having a group of older dogs here helped as well; they corrected him equally, and after less than three days in the new routine, he was a totally different, happy dog.

So, yep, I've heard the comments. But to be honest, most people in Seattle when they see us walking somewhere go, "Ohhh, how cute, can I pet him?!!!"

Socialization, as always, is the big key on many, many dog behaviors. Sounds like you're doing a great job, and you and Bailey will change perceptions of Corgis, one owner at a time. :D
Shes just jealous her dogs are ugly!
As a terrier owner, I bet the other person was expecting HER dogs to react. She probably had that assumption about any strange dog. As my grandmother always said, "consider the source". ;-}


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