Does your corgi roll around on his back like a chinchilla?

I know hedgehogs, Chinchilla and other small animals do that in the sand to clean themselves, kinda like taking a bath. But why do our dogs do that? What's your take on that?

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Dogs do this out of instinct from when they were wild. It's usually when they smell something on the ground they roll around in it to mask their own scent. They would want to do this if they were hunting in the wild so prey wouldn't smell them approaching.
Merlin rolls all the time-indoors and out! He gets a happy look that I wish I could bottle.
And isn't it amazing that they start the rolling JUST after being groomed? They really do not like to be clean.
Last night little foster girl Kelsey found a dead rabbit in the garden. Before I could get it, she was rolling and yipping and having a wonderful time. Needless to say, her next bit of fun was in the sink. ;-)
hahaha I could just imagine that scene! "No! No! Nooooooooo! aw... okee... but come here when your done! *puts gloves on*"

Ours tends to roll right after showers mostly. If I hold the towel in front of my legs, she'll jump and rub against them because she loves being rubbed down after the shower lol.
Micah does the same thing after I give her a bath. she makes her goblin noises too as she runs around the house rubbing on things. She always manages to end up on the bed though, so i always have the change the sheets after i give her a bath, or else i go to bed and smell wet dog all night. I swear she does it just to get back at me since she hates bathes.
Yeah, ours do it too. Apparently they don't like it when we wash the cornchip smell off! Shew!
According to some "experts", dogs roll to put their scent on the ground. Remember that scent is their telephone and newspaper. At the tree, "Um, I remember this guy. He's the Lab up the street". But then, none of the experts agree, and the Corgis aren't telling!
I lOVE your answer Linda! I belief it :)
We have two Corgi's and each of them have their part of the yard that they like to roll in. For the boy it is a sport with no grass and a little shade. He just lays down and then rolls over. For the girl it is kind of nose first on one side sliding down along the right side until she can rollover and the the fun begins. She like the grass close to the house. So each has their own way to roll in the yard...

I have noticed they like to roll more a couple of days after the bath....
Hedy not only rolls out in the yard, if you leave her long enough, she passes out upside down. In fact, she almost always sleeps upside down.
I am so glad I found this website. I always just that it was our Corgi with her little quirks. Every morning after she eats, she takes a running leap and rolls on her back on the carpet. She does the chinchilla roll for a few minutes. She also finds things outside all the time.

One night we were outside and she was in the yard and she was being awfully quiet. We found her rolling. She came in the house and it was the nastiest smell. We found that she had rolled in dead baby mice that had rotted. We didn't know they were there. Immediately got her in the tub and gave her a bath.

She rolls all the time....they are so funny with that. She has even taught our GSP how to do it.

Your little one is the cutest little girl ! ! What is her name? How old is she? What a doll! But just wait until she hits her teens! ;-) Linda


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