Rylee has been rather picky about eating and really avoids his food until he gets too hungry and just eats it - I assume he rather dislikes his current food which is Bil-Jac.
When we originally got the food he loved it, but not anymore :(

Does anyone have any suggestions of foods we should try? Are your corgis picky eaters also?

I have gotten a few suggestions to buy food from Trader Joe's, but wasn't sure if that would be another dead-end.

Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

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Assuming this is dry food you are feeding -you could try adding a small amount of canned food in with the dry to spice it up. Or low fat cottage cheese.
We feed Canidae, but once a week harry gets "special" dinner...human food like chicken or a hamburger... Harry also gets carrots, bananas, peanut butter, but he also loves frozen green beans mixed in with his kibble.
Haha! All of what I was going to suggest has already been mentioned. Mix in a little canned, or human food to make it more interesting. They really are good ideas.
Tiki and Cruise ger Merrick BG (Before Grain) and they like it. Tiki is the most finicky dog ever and we have tried many foods including mixing canned with the food..somedays she would eat, soemdays not...she really only eats 2 types (Cruise will eat anything edible or nin edible that you gave him ;) )

1 - Merrick mixed w/ a little water
2 - Wholemeals these are not as good quality as high quality kibble but they both love them...so every now and then they get a wholemeals stick...it's really a unique concept in dog food...easy, etc.
Wholemeals= Dog doodoo. Maybe thats why dogs like it so much!! But your right Stephen, I doubt it will hurt them if given rarely. I might actually buy them when Chloe goes to the pet sitter. It will be so much easier for sitter since she has to feed many dogs. She can just pop a bone in Chloe's crate.
i can second the kibble mixed with a little water. it doenst even have to soften it, i think the water just makes teh kibble give off a stronger smell!

Bailey is on wellness puppy - but were switching over to the adult chicken over the course of the next week starting this weekend!)
ohh adult wellness? why? does it have less ingredient that puppies need which makes it more fatty?
Reese isn't a very picky eater... I have her on Blue Buffalo. She does however like to take her time to eat. She will eat for a little bit.... then walk around... then eat more.... walk around, eat. I've heard some that don't like the little dark colored kibble, but she has no problem eating them.
HAHAHAHAH. Dark colored kibble? Interesting :) I think all our dogs see is dark colored kibble.. I mean they are color blind.
LOL!! Well to me it's looks like chocolate candy (Life source bits) compared to her tan dry food. From other forums people said that their pup didn't like the Life Source Bits. Even though they are color blind... I'm pretty sure they can see a light and dark difference... :-P
Grover eats Canidae and he gobbles it up so fast that I wonder if it doesn't have crack in it. :) Seems to be doing well on it too!
My corgis are not picky at all.
The old man was on Canidae platinum for seniors before he had to go on the renal failure formula.
The puppy has been on Puppy Wellness and now has moved to Wellness Core Ocean. He LOVES it! I've also heard of dogs liking Chicken Soup for the Soul dog food. You can request samples from the manufacturer, just email them.


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