Hey there everyone! Beckett is growing up quite quickly these days...and developing such a great little personality! My boyfriend and I try and give him some serious sessions of play time-as were at work for the majority of the day and want to get in quality time with our little man.
Hes recently started fetching and actually releasing the ball when he returns to me...lol Im very proud.
I know that its very important to keep puppies stimulated, especially corgi's,...

Anyone have any little games other than fetch they play with there corgi's? Whether it be indoor or outdoor...

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Hide and seek is a good puppy game, one person can hold the puppy while the other person hides and calls the puppy, be sure to be excited when he finds you!
Depends, do you have a two story house, hard floors, or a laser pointer? One time I threw some tennis balls on the stairs just so our schnauzers could chase and catch them. Shelby has recently joined in and has dominated our new found game. Again with tennis balls, I just bounce them on a hard floor surface (carpet doesn't work too well) and let them try to catch them. With a laser pointer, I just shine it on the floor right in front of Shelby. She'll chase it through the hallways and after maybe 20 minutes, she's tuckered out and ready for a nap. Just don't shine it their eyes and don't make them run into stuff (it's mean).
we have a few (be prepared for how weird i am) one is kissy face, i chase her around the house saying kissy face and when i get her i kiss her face all over haha and she just lies there like she is dead, then "Blanket monster" i put a blanket on and crawl around the living room she trys to pull the blanket off..when she finally does she gets SOOO excited, also when she was younger me and my boyfriend used to stand on the other sides of the house and he would call her and she would run then i would call her and she would come running, we would do this back and forth for a while it got her sooo excited (i think mostly because she had just realised her name haha) we also set up like laundry baskets and low objects and get her to run and jump over them, then one where we sit cross legged across the room from each other and she will run back and forth jumping into our laps curling up, spring out and run to the other person (she loooves when people are cross legged she always tries to sit in their lap) that was a good one because we didn't have to do anything but sit! haha
We play with an empty water bottle with the wrapper pulled off... put some of his kibble in there and he goes nuts. We first introduced this to him at around 11 weeks... he couldn't get a single piece of kibble out! Made me wonder if he was as smart as corgis were supposed to be... but we reintroduced it at around 14 weeks and he was immediately a pro! I could feed him an entire meal like that. My boyfriend thought it was mean to make Kuma work for his food... but he was having such a good time, how could I take his water bottle away?

Like the first post, we also play the "Come find ___ (insert person's name, ie: Mommy)". You can do this with one person if Beckett is good at stay. I put Kuma in a sit-stay, I walk to a hiding spot (behind a door, next to the bed, etc) and say, "Kuma, come find Mommy!". I started off pretty easy by just going into another room... then started to make it a little harder. I'll help him a bit and say, "find Mommy" if he is having a hard time. It's helping to teach him name recognition and hopefully he'll know who is who by name some day.
3 things...

1 - Bubbles... Buy some bubble stuff and simply blow bubbles...Cruise and Tiki go absolutley nuts for bubbles trying to catch them before they hit the ground

2 - Remote control monorail...at disney I bought a remote control monorail (it has no tires or antennas or such so no small parts they can grab on) and they just love chasing it around the house...driving it under a bureau is really fun as they lay on their side and use their paws to try to grab it.

3 - Fronton...it's a game I made up and played with all my dogs. I clear an area and, from a sitting position on the floor, throw a tennis ball toward the ground near a wall...the ball then bounces off the ground, hits the wall and bounces back toward me. While I do this, the dog attempts to catch the ball. I score every 3 times I throw it and it bounces back to me...the dog scores every time they catch it once. Depending on how good the dog is 3 times may be reduced to 1. Scoring it keeps it fun for me and the dogs just love it. In many cases the dogs are so quick they intercept the ball before it even hits the wall.
Such great ideas...ill be sure to try them at home with Beckett..
Im guessing that the kibble in the water bottle is with the cap off? I would be afraid he would get that off and then choke on it if not.
Yes - sorry I was unclear. Cap off so our babies aren't fruitlessly trying to get some of that tastiness out of the bottle.


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