I am struggling a bit to settle Penny down for brushing and she is starting to shed - EEK! I usually wait until we have exercised her and she is settled for the evening, but it seems that no matter how tired she is, she can still rally when she sees the brush or Furminator. Nothing aggressive or frightened - she just wants to play with the brush and will not stop with the wiggles to let me brush her. Any hints???

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If you're right handed, put some treats in your left hand and cup it, put the dog in the lay down position, you can use your free right hand to begin furmination :) After she got used to laying down, you can just give her the command and she'll associate it with a good experience and will gladly abide! Good luck!
Thanks! She is really a tough cookie when it comes to training "lay down" but we're working on it :(
Pretty typical puppy behavior. Best time to attempt brushing is right after a very active play session when she is tired. Usually when they lay down to rest it is a great time to start teaching them how good brushing feels. Also make sure the tools you use are not too sharp. Some of the slicker brushes are a bit tough on the skin. Good luck!
Sam is really right on the money here. Be really careful what you use to brush your corgi. A good boar bristle brush is all their coats really need. The slicker brushes may be scratching that corgi skin underneath. Use commands, treats, quiet space, table and towels at a good ergonomic position for you and your corgi, take this time to run your hands over your dog checking for lumps, bugs, burrs, etc. I even use this time for corgi spine/joint massage. After time, your corgi will talk during happy brushing times. Now, does anyone want to bring up the topic of corgis and nails?????
This is all great advice! Thank you! As for the nails, we are so so with that - it involves pupperoni and several attempts. Sometimes we get one nail per sitting. Patience is a virtue :)
Our Camber does not like to be brushed. You think she would, but, nope. It takes 2 of us and American cheese. We also use the Furminator (best thing ever) and you can furminate all day long and still not be finished. She's blowing her coat too. She's also showing some "striping" on her hind legs. You go to pet her and there's Camber fur all over the place. Ah, Corgi's...
a few tricks i have used, during the summer when she was lazing on the deck i would go out there and pet her until she was sleeping then lightly brush her. she sometimes will lay still and chew on a bone as well but alot of the time i give in and play tug a war with her. everytime i pull her close and brush her for a few seconds, then let her pull back ect. but it takes alot ofr time and really isn't a great solution. if i tell her to lay down and bring the brush out she will lay on her back and only let me brush her tummy.


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