corkie is a great dog when it comes to people, i mean he jumps he licks... he makes out with your ears.. he will sit on top of the couch and think he is a cat.. but when it comes to other dogs that he doesn't know he will start going crazy growling like he is a viscous beast.. and i mean there have been times that jaybe will start growling too and they both attack! is it just a protection thing? no matter how much i pull them back or yell and tell them no or bad bad bad.. they wont listen to that.. but whenever i say no or bad they listen for every single other thing and know they are in the wrong.. does anyone have this problem? does anyone know how to handle this problem? i just got this spray bottle that i fill with water when corkie tries to jump at the fish tank.. i know its bad for his hips and legs but he just wants to play so bad with the fish so i squirt him now when he does it and he hasnt done it since.. do you think i should try that when i take him on walks? thanks for your help everyone i love this webside :)

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The squirt bottle worked great when Sidney got growly or barky. He used to vocalize like mad. Now, if anything, it's a barely audible little growl (like he's whispering "just try something, punk")
i'd hate to take that away from them though.. i mean its rediciulous how i sound right now (*im just like wow i cant believe i said that*) but its like a characteristic of corgis. and i mean corkie loves to talk ha ha. i am going to try it out tomorrow how old is Sidney?
Sidney is 14 months old. And we just taught him "polite voice", not complete silence. He definitely uses his voice when a stranger comes up our driveway, though! I make sure to thank him for letting me know, because that IS one of his jobs, LOL. He just needed to learn that on neutral ground (or when I tell him "it's OK"), he can't be totally bossy ;-)
How much time has he spent around other dogs? He may need more socializing. I have my neighbors bring their dogs into my house. And we meet every dog we can on our walks.

We had our first run in with a vicious beast Corgi last week and it was sad she couldn't play with Madog. She gets banished while we all have fun.
we use to take him to the dog park everyday.... than he got horrible fleas ... and than we got jaybe and ever since he did the growling thing.. thats why i figured it is a protection thing. if its just me and corkie i dont even need to leash wen in a close distance... at pet smart he will run into the fish tanks and and swat at them its pretty cute
What does Jaybe do when you take her out on her own? Is she happy and playful with the other dogs?
jaybe hasent played with dogs like corkie has... shes played with closer dogs to her such as our Siba Inu... but that is not my dog.. thats also my boyfriends dog ... his family takes care of her but she was stayin with us for a while... but than they did not get along at all and we had to seperate them that is why she is not staying with us.. i have read up on the siba inu and they are very independent dogs and ten to fight with others... but do you think it could be more jaybe?
Haven't a clue but I would socialize the heck out of her anyways. It is good for her and if she feels confident then maybe he will not have to protect her.
Socialization is very important. If your dog freaks out at other dogs at a close distance, try moving a bit further away. Reward you dog if there is no growling. As you can be closer without growling keep up the positive reinforcement. Soon you will have your dog seeing that being around other dogs is a good thing. Yelling, yanking at the leash or getting frustrated will only hype that doggy impulse to freak out too. Stay calm and in charge and your dog will trust you that your not going to feed him to the wolves.
haha thats what i figured thanks
It sounds like the beginnings of dog aggression. I'd strongly advise you take Corkie and Jaybe to a dog trainer and have them assessed. It is something that can be worked on gradually. You don't want to be responsible for your dog attacking another dog or human that tries to break up a fight. Nip it in the bud and work on it now.

I don't think a spray bottle will help at all, if anything it may make the problem worse. I recommend finding a good dog trainer and working on the problem. They can help you with socialization too.


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