I just received my Easy Brush toothbrushes in the mail and I was SO excited. However, to my dismay, neither of my dogs chewed on them. All they would do was lick. Does anyone know how to make them chew them instead of lick?

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Haha. Guess they don't like brushing any more than kids do! :p You can always use a tooth brush. ;D
I've got a toothbrush... and I use it :) I was just trying to cut down on the unpleasantness for all of us!
Yeah, I hear ya. Switching to an electric toothbrush really helped for me. Theo doesn't like it any better, but it's easier to just hold the toothbrush on a tooth rather than trying to making a brushing motion since he never will hold still.

I'm not familiar with the easy brush. Is it supposed to brush while they chew on it or something? I'd say make sure you have a delicious tooth paste, that always helps for me. I got the kissable brand and Theo goes nuts over it!
Try mushing the toothpaste into the bristle and see if that helps. I have one for each of the dogs, and Duncan does chew on his. Chloe just licks the stuff off. I don't do it as often as I should.....slips my mind too much (I'm blaming that on getting older...LOL)

It might be easier with an electric toothbrush -- I hadn't thought of that!  But they sure LOVE this toothpaste.  It must be cat-poop flavored.  The little fingertip brush is useful.  They lick so actively that it's hard to be effective, but they like the taste so much, they do not resist the brush.  


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