Has anyone had the myleogram surgery for the intervertebral disc disease? My 6 year old corgi apparently has that and I need to have the surgery, but we're debating about it because we've read different reviews. Our dog is in a lot of pain and my husband and I love him and do not want to lose him, but also don't want him to be in pain either. Anyone that any information that could help us, we would greatly appreciate it!

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Is your dog currently on steroids and crate rest? Is the mylegram suggested as a diagnostic tool? Generally IVDD if not treated is extremely painful and can cause permanent paralysis.

There's a group on Yahoo, called wheel corgis (http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/wheelcorgis/?yguid=9273709). There are a lot of people with lots and lots of experience with IVDD. and DM (Degeneratifve Myelitis). I'm sure they would have all kinds of advice and certainly lots more expertise.

Hopefully, you'll have a brighter outcome. Please keep us informed. Thoughts and prayers going out to you.
Yes he is on steroids and Diazapam, along with crate rest. I've been contacting a lot of people - I registered to join the wheel corgis. Thank you for sharing that information. We do not want euthanasia as an option - but the surgery is the expensive portion that we're worrying about! We do not have $3-500 lying around for surgery. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
i do not have any personal experience with Inverterbral disc disease but at six years old i would definitly get the surgery done. He would live MANY happy years after. although surgery may be expensive, too me it would totally be worth it. i would happily pay 5k to prolong neekas life..or to
even have the chance too. just because he is in pain now doesn't mean being euthinised is even an option (well im my eyes) unless there was no way to potentially stop the pain. you have the potential to stop it and have him live a healthy happy life.
Good News - I found a Sunshine Corgi Rescue that knew of another place to try the surgery. I called them and they are doing the surgery tomorrow for much cheaper :) Keep him in your prayers and thoughts!
My female had the surgery roughtly 3 years ago. We made the trip to Univ of GA. She did great. I had to leave her there for 3.5 weeks for recovery and rehab. We continued rehab at home and she has done excellent. She occassionally has some weakness in her hind leg but that seems to be more from fatigue than long term side effects. Good luck sending out corgi love.
Good luck tomorrow. I'll keep your furry one in my thoughts.
Here's hoping that all goes well today. We'll keep you in our prayers and thoughts today. Please keep us posted on the outcome.
My best friend had one of her dachshunds surgery done at UAB vet school 2 years ago. It was very successful. We are praying all goes well. Keep us posted.
Well, they did the myleogram and they didn't see anything. They didn't do any surgery. They are going to put him on steroids and have us keep him in his crate and go from there. They kept him in the hospital last night. We called to check on him and they said he cried out in pain only once last night. We should be able to bring him home today! Our vet stayed with him the whole time while the myleogram was performed at a different hospital. She said there is a chance it could also be meningitis!


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