What is your Corgi's official registered name? Is it something silly?

Gibson's official name is "Sir Gibson the Pumpkin Eater"

I call him Gibson Gibson Pumpkin Eater all the time :)

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That is actually quite funny! Just beware: most of the breeders know each other, and even if they agree that ******* sucks, they may be wary of selling a puppy in the future to someone who they fear might go public with any disputes!
Mine is Darby Keswyk
Murphy's registered name is "Koda Okwes Murphy" and Koda Okwes means friend fox in Delaware Native American. Since he's from South Dakota I thought it would be appropriate to give him a Native American name.
Henderson's registered name is "Mister Henderson".
Piper's is Sandpiper Rhapsody and Sebastien's will be Sebastien Wigglesworth.
My mom's dog is Tigerlily, Lily for short.....she officially registered her as "Awesome Cuteness that is Tigerlily" Really I am not joking! Whats even more funny is that my mom would have put the "the" in front, but it cost an extra $10.
Totally hilarious!

Ollie is AKC registered as "Winslow-Porter's Sir Oliver Monkey Misra" ... Winslow from his mom's line, Porter his dad's line, Sir b/c he's just so fancy, Oliver b/c I loved the name and he was born with a little facial palsy so he's my little Oliver Twist, Monkey b/c he's always up to somethings and climbing on things, and Misra is our last name :)


His soon to be lil sis will be Prie, and registered as AKC "Winslow-Porter's Dame Preeti-Girl Misra" --Preeti means beloved & joyous in Sanskrit. I'm Indian so I'm just covering my bases  :)

Our 11 month old is "Olive The Other Reindeer" but just Olive to her friends!!
Taffy's is Abertawe, which is the Welsh version of Swansea, a city in South West Wales where our daughter attended college on exchange. Not too silly, but fitting since it is pronounced AB ER TAFFY
When I was a little girl my mom used to call me Princess Melinda Kay of the Milky Way so when I registered Penny I registered her as Princess Penny of the Milky Way!

Once I finally send in the paperwork, Ginger's registered name will be Princess Pickles von Ginger Midget.  Princess Pickles because she acts like a princess and loves dill pickles.  It's the most bizarre thing ever.  And Ginger Midget because we call her Ginger and in the Sherlock Holmes movie Roberty Downey Jr's character keeps reffering to a red-headed dwarf as the Ginger Midget.  The name totally fits :)

Oh My Goodness...that is awesome!


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