Ok, I don't know much about corgi yet, since I'm a new and first time owner.

But what the heck? Why does my lil girl Peanut loves to eat her own poop???? I usually take her outside to do her thing, but if she happens to have an accident inside the house, she'll turn right around and starts eating her own poop. Golly, I walked away for a minute, and came back to find she ate all her poop.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? Is this even normal or common with Corgis? It's just nasty, no?

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It is common with many dogs...it is called coprophagy. There are many ways to deter it. My Corgi, Tiki, used to do it all the time...what worked for her was adding some pineapple to her food...she loved the pineapple and apparently it has something in it which makes the poop taste bad. After a monthor so, she stopped...We have another Corgi, Cruise and he really does not do that...occasionally they do but not often.

Other tips:

- Foods such as pineapple, spinach and pumpkin
-commercial products - i.e. "Forbid" in pet
- Check diet – Make sure your dog is eating top quality dog food
- Immediately clean up any poop
Hmmm.....I wonder if it would help for rabbit poop too? That would be wonderful....anyone know?
It is very hard to clean up after all the bunnies that come into our yard.....Lance can sniff it out and I cant even see it.....he is fast.....he is getting better about not eating it but will occasionally.
It's commmon in a lot of dogs. There are a number of reasons. It could be that her food is not nutritional enough and so she eats her poop to try and get her needed nutrition. You can change her food to top quality food and she might stop if she is not already on it. Also, is she eating her food slow enough or at a good speed? Because some dogs eat their food so fast that they do not have time to digest it and when they go to the bathroom they are still hungry and their poop smells just like their food, so they eat it. Another reason could be the breeder. If he/she was irresponsible and didn't clean up after the puppies immedietaly or frequently, the mother would have to do so. The puppies see this behavior and copy.

Like Stephen said, there are many ways such as pineapple or pumpkin. Forbid is a powder product that you sprinkle on the food and when they eat it, it makes their poop taste nasty. You can buy it at a petstore or a vet's office. If you go outside with her for she can go to the bathroom, maybe you should put her on a leash so when she goes you can bring her back inside immedietaly. Hope something works!
Madog will eat anyone's poop. Will they grow out of this?
Thanks for the responses. My gf put some pineapple in Peanut's food today. We'll keep this up and see if she stops. We feed her Eukanuba puppy food. What's considered top quality dog food?

Also, we do put her on a leash when we take her outside. She never eats her poop outside, just inside the house when no one sees her doing her thing.

She chews and eat her food at a regular pace. She's a slow eater actually. It just puzzles me that she finds her poop smelling yummy when we smell it, it's so nasty. hahaha
Hey Metisse, check out this website: http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com/
There is some really great info on there, that helps you understand how to read nutritional labels for dogfood and also rates the quality of dog food brands. The high quality stuff is pretty pricey, but you get what you pay for. There are lots of strings on here that talk about nutrition/diet. Good luck!
Hi... yesterday I was reading everyone postie about putting pineapple in their food so they won't eat their poop..well yesterday I did that and this morning I realized that my corgi was pooing out pineapple and also it had some red colour liquid in it.

Does anyone have that same problem? It doesn't look like blood or anything.. it looks like strawberry sauce but she never even had any strawberry...
Charlie had interest in his own poop when we fed him with Eukanuba. Lost his interest since we switched to Wellness.
However, he still likes rabbit poop whenever he finds it.

Guide to Rising a Puppy says that a common theory is that the puppy has a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or internal parasites, or simply bored or hungry.

apart from other advices (like add pineapple) they suggest to increase the fiber in the food.
oh and bailey loves cat poop.... so watch out for that. i heard dabbing some hot sauce on the poop will discourage her from eating it.
Hot sauce? lol... sounds a bit dangerous. Wouldn't the pup get bad tummy ache?
Boomer LOVES cat poop. If she sees she has one second to sneak out to the litter box she does it. We can't keep our eyes off her for a minute!
Harry likes to do it too. We have tried "Forbid" and the pineapple trick and so far nothing has worked...we are keeping on it however and are determined to find something!


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