Ok, I don't know much about corgi yet, since I'm a new and first time owner.

But what the heck? Why does my lil girl Peanut loves to eat her own poop???? I usually take her outside to do her thing, but if she happens to have an accident inside the house, she'll turn right around and starts eating her own poop. Golly, I walked away for a minute, and came back to find she ate all her poop.

Is there anything I can do to stop this? Is this even normal or common with Corgis? It's just nasty, no?

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Pumpkin the canned stuff worked for Mochi, She eventually grew out of it though but that's only eating her own poop. I've caught her eating other animal's poop before! eewww.. When we had the problem we did the Forbid + pumpkin. Seems to work. And to pick up the poop as soon as you can. But we work during the day so i'm sure sometimes she ate it up with out us knowing!! I just try to make sure we went to the bathroom before we left her alone.
Parker loved eating his own poop when he was a puppy. We tried Forbid but he caught on and refused to eat! My dog trainer stated that sometimes there is no reason other than the dog just like it but as long as the dog is just eating their own poop, it is somewhat healthier and most likely will out grow it and he did. I found it gross but he was only 3 months old but we had to stay on top of cleaning his poop right-a-way and when we did, we said words like nasty, dirty etc and after awhile he just stopped. : )
Tuesday does the same thing, and I think with him it's all about boredom. Despite the several toys he has in his play area, he'll still nibble and throw around his poop. @_@ It's a slow progression. The tips on here really helped!


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