Do you any know famous corgis owners? or featured in films, TV or media?
Let me get this list started :)

Jennifer Aniston and her Corgi mix "Norman"

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oohhh i didn't know it was a movie too.

I'll read the book first :)

Then see the movie lol.
here's some pictures of celebrities with their corgis!!

good job! I believe Gregory Peck owned Ava Gardner's Corgi Morgan after she died

I came accross a more obscure celebrity with a corgi, Michel Houellebecq. A most controversial contemporary French author. Corgi's name is, Clement
Catherine Haddad, maybe just famous in the horsey circles! She is a top U.S.E.T. dressage rider based in Germany. Here is a picture of her, her danish warmblood Maximus and her corgi, a black headed tri-color.

His name is Gizmo- here is a close up:

Kendra from the Playboy's Girls Next Door owns a corgi
It kinda goes without saying "the queen of england" has several Pembrokes. I was told recently that the show called " the girls next door" it is about Hugh Hefners three favorite girlfriends, appearently one of them has a corgi.
There is a corgi in the Elvis Presley movie "Blue Hawaii"
The movie DAVE has some Cardigan Welsh Corgis in it.

Soap opera fans--actress Victoria Rowell (formerly Drucilla of Young and the Restless) has two Pembroke Corgis.
I was just on Victoria Rowells site and it says she owns two corgis,Ollie and Kigger,Victoria plays Drusilla Winters on the Young and the Restless,she is also a author,dancer,ect.
Don't remeber the Corgi's name but there was a corgi in "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead". There was also a corgi in "Dave".


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